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Subdivide by category

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I cannot subdivide my products by category. It just starts with Brand.




Do you guys know how to fix that?



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Subdivide by category

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You can only subdivide by category when you target these countries: the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, and Turkey. Read more:

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Re: Subdivide by category

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Hi Fernando,

I can't quite tell from your screenshot, but it sounds like you're probably trying to subdivide at the category level rather than the "all products" level. You can only subdivide by each type of label once, ex. you could break down your products by Category > Brand > Product Type, or Brand > Category > Product Type, but if you have already segmented by category, you won't be able to segment by category again. Does that make sense?


Re: Subdivide by category

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I go to product groups, then I click on the + sign next to all products and I get the screenshot above.

Is that wrong?

How should I do it?

Re: Subdivide by category

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not seeing the category in the drop-down menu
sometimes happens when the browser zoom is
set too close.

try a different browser or try resetting the zoom
level on the browser, to the (100%) default value,
or both.

below is a video showing how to subdivide
all-products and how the menu should look --

see also

Re: Subdivide by category

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I have reset the zoom and tried another browser and I sill can't see the categories.

I contacted adwords and they told me to use numbers for the categories instead of the normal categories.

I am using the google shopping shopify app that a lot of people are using, and I am the only one that has this weird problem.

I can't use numbers instead of the categories with that app, but I doubt this would solve my problem.

Re: Subdivide by category

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the google_product_category values submitted
must be exactly as google defines in their latest
published taxonomy -- for example, any stray
spaces or any missing spaces or any value that
does not match a google-defined value, exactly,
may prevent subdivision by category.

also, be certain that the items have not been
previously subdivided by another attribute.

alternatively, try using the product_type attribute to group items for bids.

unfortunately, forum members cannot look into
any submitted data or specific account details --
posting more specific details may sometimes help.

also, asking for a shopping-campaign product-listing-ads
specialist, when contacting google, may sometimes help.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to try verifying the
data by clicking on the item's title within the products-tab of
the merchant-center, checking the corresponding data under
shopify, and then contacting shopify-support directly and try
asking in the shopify forums.

see also

Re: Subdivide by category

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I am using this app

Where you can only select the category and there is no room for error

Pretty annoying not being able to subdivide properly...

Re: Subdivide by category

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first, thank you for the screen-capture.

the values must match the required language
of the target-country being submitted -- or,
all values must use the u.s. english taxonomy.

also, google does change the taxonomy details --
if the shopify app does not use the most current,
exact, values then there could still be an issue.

for example, a current es value is:
Mobiliario > Camas y accesorios > Camas y somieres
however, there is no such value as:
Mobiliario > Camas Y accesorios > Camas Y somieres

all values submitted must be exact and up-to-date.

Re: Subdivide by category

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Sorry but I am not getting you.

My shopify store is all in Spanish.

I cannot select uppercase or lowercase, I just start writing what the product is and I select from a dropdown the exact category.

Re: Subdivide by category

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the shopify app's selections in the drop-down
differ from google's current taxonomy values --
based on the screen-capture.

how those inexact values got into the shopify-app,
only someone at shopify-support could likely say.

forum-members cannot look into any accounts.