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Structuring Shopping Campaign - ad groups vs. product groups?

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We sell women's swimwear & want to structure our Adwords shopping campaign most effectively. We have about 70 SKUS total, that can be grouped into 13 product groups/categories. We want to break down our campaign so that google can target exactly what we are selling & show to the most relevant searchers - rather than grouping all product types together. We also want to get most adjustability in bids, separate search term reports, and separate negative keyword lists. Not sure whether do to this at the group level or at the individual SKU level... Our 13 product types are as follows:
swim short
swim skirt
swim bottom
one piece
swim dress
rash guard
plus size swim short
plus size swim skirt
plus size swim bottom
plus size one piece
plus size tankini
plus size swim dress
Is it best for us to create a campaign with each SKU as a separate ad group? 
Or is it better to break down inside an ad group with product groups? Or a combination of the two? 
We are looking for a strategy on how best to organize this campaign, so we can build it out ourselves.
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Re: Structuring Shopping Campaign - ad groups vs. product groups?

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Hi @Kara P, with only 70 products, all of which are closely related (they're all swimwear), I would probably go with just one Ad Group, then split that into separate Product Groups using a Custom Label.  In your feed you'd specify a column "custom label 0" for example, then fill that field with "swim short", "swim bottom", etc. as appropriate for the item.  In AdWords, when you create the Campaign you'll have one Ad Group showing "All Products".  You can then edit that to split first by the Custom Lable 0, so you'll have 13 Product Groups, then you can split each of those by Item Id.  This will give you Max CPC control at the type of swimwear level and exact CPC control at the item level.

Does this sound like what you're after?



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Structuring Shopping Campaign - ad groups vs. product groups?

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Hi Jon, thanks for your reply.


Is there any benefit to splitting each of the 70 skus into separate ad groups? Yes they are all swimwear- however you'd be surprised how differently customers search for each item...


Is the best way to match to customers looking for a specific product to do it the way you suggested, or to do it through separate ad groups? Or either? Work load aside... we'd like our products to match to customers as accurately as possible- and I've been told separating each item helps google identify the product more accurately. Thoughts on this?