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Reply does it work with google?

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Re: does it work with google?

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for product-listing-ads and google-shopping --

the website must be verified by the merchant using google-webmaster-tools.

any user from around the world must be able to see and buy the
items listed -- regardless of where the user is physically located or
the specific country that is being targeted for the advertising.

all items that are submitted as in stock must be
currently, physically, in your on-hand inventory --
sales volume is irrelevant.

also, product-listing-ads require a rather high-degree of transparency --
for example, contact information on the website typically must include
a business phone-number that will ring and be answered, valid email,
and a physical (street) address that will resolve on google-maps.

there are additional rules and policies for the website and e-commerce --
the best likely course would be to contact the vendor directly to ask
if they can accommodate these specific requirements and have had
prior experience dealing with google-shopping product-listing-ads.

that said, there are many other ad-formats and campaign-types that are
available, do not have such stringent rules and policies, and may be a
better fit for advertising the products at this stage of the business --

see also

Re: does it work with google?

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I want to know if specifically works with google.
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Re: does it work with google?

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but please contact any such vendor directly

for updated information -- google generally

does not endorse or have direct information

about any such third-parties.

Re: does it work with google?

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Thank you, I did not want to take a wrong direction.