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Hi Guys,


I've had a merchant feed for some time, but I have recently automated it. The strange thing is that my products dissapeared, and now they are starting to come back but they have the word 'spinning' below the price and above the description. I can't find any mention of what that is / means anywhere. Does anyone know?




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Re: Spinning

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first, be certain the id value for all items have not changed.

otherwise, spinning may indicate that the item is currently
processing or is under review and the corresponding icon
cannot be properly displayed within the specific browser
being used to navigate the merchant-center-account.

generally, wait 24-72 hours or so and try logging in and out
of the google-account associated with the merchant-center --
and then clearing the browser's cache and cookies or trying
a different browser altogether.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into the feed or account --
we would usually need screen-captures and other similarly specific
information posted here within the public forms.

otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted directly --

Re: Spinning

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To follow up on Celebird's excellent answer.

The reason why you might have dropped out for a short period is because when changing to an automated system you might have changed the ID's of the products. Changing the ID will remove all historic ranking factors.