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Some flavours showing far more often than others.

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I advertise food and drink products on Google Shopping. For a certain product, 2 flavours appear far more often than the other 4, and I don't know why: the titles and descriptions are identical except the flavours.


Why is this the case? Why don't all favours appear equally?

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Some flavours showing far more often than others.

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be certain each flavor title has a

common-part and a unique part

that emphasizes the flavor.


otherwise, the results in the auctions are based

on the bid and quality factors -- raising the bid

or improving quality are about the only ways to

help improve the chances of certain items (flavors)

winning in the auctions.


otherwise, there is no way to force google

to show certain items for specific users

or to always show all flavors equally --

individual results are mainly a combination

of relevance and the user's personal search

history; what one user sees another may not.


changing targeting may sometimes help in this regard.


a best-practice is to use the impression statistics

within the ad-account to determine if an item is

being seen by others -- never live searches.