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Slow Image Crawl

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I uploaded about 350 products to the merchant center via API, and after about 4 days, only 20 of them had been approved. I tried re-uploading manually, but the products are still pending due to image crawling. Is there any way that I can speed this up? 

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Re: Slow Image Crawl

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a server may not be able to keep pace with all google's
crawl requests, at all times, depending on the image size.


if the images are large, such as 800x800 or so, simply
try resizing the flagged images to 300x300 pixels or so
and resubmitting the item.


if the image size is changed the image file may also need to change --
either rename the file or add a url-parameter to the image_link value;


then, wait 72-hours or so; if the items are approved,
consider updating all such flagged items and images.


as an aside, generally items should never be submitted using multiple methods --
such as manually and the api; if the data is not exactly identical then the result

may trigger unrelated or difficult to resolve issues in the future.

use only one, constant, consistent, method to resubmit items.


also, always verify an item's status by clicking
on the item's title within the products-list-tab
of the merchant-center -- disapproval status in
the diagnostics-tab may be historic and remain
for up to 30-days.


otherwise, a merchant-center shopping-ads
support specialist at google may be contacted --
a single disapproval may be for multiple issues.


Re: Slow Image Crawl

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Slow image crawls can happen for a wide variety of reasons.


The first thing I'd do is check your robots.txt file.  If you have a long Crawl-delay set for any Google-related user agents or the catch-all * user agent, consider lowering it temporarily.  In my experience, that can make a huge difference with image crawls.