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Skip a paragraph of product description

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Hi, I have questions about the product description.


I have found that some texts of products are skipped.


For example :

"RHA T10i In Ear Monitor Headphones - High fidelity, noise isolating in-ear headphone with remote and microphone- Balanced, refined and versatile sound reproduction with high levels accuracy and detail.- Patent pending, mouldable over-ear hooksThe RHA T10i In Ear Monitor Headphones provide a sleek, stylish design and manufactured from high quality stainless steel to deliver a comfortable feel with outstanding audio clarity and detail. The RHA T10i In Ear Monitor Headphones features a unique design due to their patent pending over-ear hooks that have been designed to hold the headphone in position using the cables to run over and behind the ear for a comfortable and secure fit. The design also provides noise isolation for a completely immersive listening experience. RHA have also focussed very much on the sound of the RHA T10i In Ear Monitor Headphones's."


I have uploaded the above description and it is shown in the merchant center product page. However, I have found that only the text in green is shown.


I have uploaded text file for the feed and I don't think there is a coding issue.


I am wondering why a part of description is trimmed, rather than replacing the bad character.


The other question is whose product description is shown when there are more than 1 seller? Based on the shop with top seller rating?


Thanks you.





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Re: Skip a paragraph of product description

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results depend on the bid and quality factors.

what's shown is dynmaic based on the search-term, selected
options, user history, the ad's context, and other factors.

all attribute values may contribute to quality --
what's not displayed is still indexed and may
still contribute to the item's overall quality.

for best results, all submitted data should simply be plain (ascii) text --
without any formatting whatsoever; such as css, html, line-breaks, etc.

description should be on one contiguous line without any breaks;
feed processing may attempt to accommodate any bad characters
or similar issues for indexing or display, but this may or may not be
possible and is not guaranteed -- for best results, simply submit plain
text that is relevant to the physical item and accurately and uniquely
describes the physical item's characteristics or how the physical item
might be used.

the ad's context may be a single merchant or multiple merchants under the
compare-prices feature -- depending on the search-term and other factors;
compare-prices may show a description from a variety of sources, including
a snippet from a representative merchant, manufacturer, or other sources,
purely at google's discretion.

generally, merchants cannot force the format or display of any submitted data;
google determines the format and display of product-listing-ads and constantly
experiments with the format and display details.