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Sizing options not appearing

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Hi, We sell garage doors and the come in several sizes and colors.

we would like to have our ads show the door dteails and also have the size options tab/dropdown that show the addtional sizes and prices.

Standard ad 8 ft x 7ft

size options 9 ft x 7ft, 16ft x 7ft, 18ft x 7ft etc.

How can i do this? I have grouped the items by color and the options would be size/price

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Re: Sizing options not appearing

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the best likely course would be to simply follow the
rules for variants -- detailed-product-attributes.

for each (variant) item, submit --
(a) all variant attributes for the item with a single,
proper, value for each variant attribute (color, size, etc.) --
at least one variant value must be unique among the variant-group;
(b) an item_group_id attribute and value that
is identical for all items in the variant group;
(c) a title with both a common part and the item's
variant (size) detail for all items in the variant group;
(d) a link url value that preselects the exact variant being purchased; e.g.

the submitted price must always match the displayed price
and the displayed price must be prominently displayed on
the link landing-page.

if color is a variant then the image_link product image must
match the exact variant color being displayed and purchased.

submitting variants without following all the proper variant rules is a
policy violation and grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

otherwise, such variant items cannot be submitted.

importantly, currently, google determines both the display and formatting
details of all product-listing-ads -- such details may change at any time.

otherwise, there are many other campaign-types and ad-formats that are
available and may be a better fit for advertising certain types of products.

see also

Re: Sizing options not appearing

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What has not been mentioned in much detail is that even if you submit variants it does not guarantee listing as a variant, but most likely listed as a single submission.

Currently only apparel products and some others are listed with the option of a drop down menu. That being said listing variants is a very good idea as it will increase your equity, but want to let you know that most likely you are not going to see drop down menus within Google Shopping.
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Re: Sizing options not appearing

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first, thank you for the clarification.

"importantly, currently, google determines both the display and formatting
details of all product-listing-ads -- such details may change at any time." --
did indeed mean that even if variants are submitted that does not guarantee
google will list the variants or the drop-down size-menus on google shopping.

similarly, the drop-down variant menus may be removed
or added (for other types of products), at any time.

one reason google has such strict rules for how to submit items,
attributes, and values, is so that they can access the information
constantly and create future features within google-shopping.

apparel was the first to require variant attributes and
the first to see related features within google-shopping.

the variant (apparel) requirements have been generalized to
detailed-product-attributes -- for all types of variant products;

that often portends an expansion of related features, but is

in no way guaranteed.


an important side note with respect to any variants being submitted:

not all types of product-variants are supported by google-shopping;

for example, certain build-to-order, bespoke, or custom-goods, or

specific products that vary by attributes that are not supported by

the current google-shopping specifications -- in those cases, such

items cannot be submitted, at all, as a product-listing-ad, without

risking a disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.