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Sizing options not appearing

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If you go here you can see the first white option is our google shopping offer:


It has all options limited to the group id's established (i.e. each color and width got grouped) making it seem like all sizes are grouped properly, however you will note that when clicked on only 1 size option appears, there are not a list of available sizes, any ideas why? All sizes have their own unique listing and they all have the same group id. I've been told that google does their own grouping and so just have to wait, but this has been 2 weeks now

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Re: Sizing options not appearing

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there are a few aspects to consider with respect to an item appearing:
(1) the rules for submitting products and product variants;
(2) the rules for how ads are selected;
(3) how the selected ads are grouped, displayed, and formatted.

first, to be eligible for the ad auctions, the items submitted

must adhere to all the rules and policies for all products,
the target-country, type of physical product, and variants --
the website and images must also adhere to the policies.

there are separate, strict, rules and policies for product variants.

items are constantly checked and items that do not adhere to
all current policies can be disapproved, at any time; items that
are not disapproved are constantly reevaluated for quality.

then, based on the bid and quality factors
items may win a slot during the ad auctions.

finally, google determines how the ads, that have won a slot
during the auctions, are grouped, displayed, and formatted.

searches do not in any way guarantee that items will win a slot;
google-shopping is a highly competitive, dynamic, ad auction --
search results are determined by the bid and quality factors.

generally, short-tail searches are more competitive and require
a higher bid or better quality to win a slot in the auctions --
be certain those particular variant items have enough bid
and quality to win a slot in the auctions.

simply searching for a specific item or group of items does not necessarily mean
that all those items have enough bid or quality to win slots during the auctions --
simply searching for items without any positive action can cause those items to
be removed from the auctions.

google determines most all groupings, formatting, and display --
currently, merchants do not have control over most aspects
of groupings, format, or display of any product-listing-ads.


google may even decided not to group specific variant items --

depending on the type of item, search term, and other factors.


the best methods to determine if items are winning in the auctions are likely
to check the statistics in the account or the ad-preview-and-diagnosis-tool --
not by direct searches.


see also

Re: Sizing options not appearing

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If you have made sure they are all grouped together correctly with the group ID, the only other thing that can be looked at is the titles and descriptions.

The title has to be the same other than the added color or size etc added to the title.

New Dallas Striped T-Shirt | White Large
New Dallas Sripted T-Shirt | Blue Large

Same for the description they need to be the same.

Hope it helps.
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