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Simple way to stop ads from expiring?

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My ads are going to expire but I have updated all my adds via the "Online Product Inventory Update" which is just a productid and a price. The update succeeds for all products but all my product still say there going to expire.  Non of the products were updated because the prices are all the same.  Is there no way to just keep my ads active or touch them somehow so they stay active.  Last time I had to import my whole product list over that re-enabled my ads but the prices were back to old original prices?  Shouldn't the "Online Product Inventory Update" work or do I actually need to change the price or some value for the ads to not expire?



Your item will expire in the next 3 days, and will no longer be eligible to appear as an ad. Until it expires, the item is still eligible to appear in results.

There are two reasons why your item may be expiring:You haven't updated your product data in the last 30 days. In order to keep the product information displayed on Google Shopping up-to-date, all products expire after 30 days. If you want your products to remain active, you'll need to update your product data

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Re: Simple way to stop ads from expiring?

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items must be resubmitted every 30 days by default --
a best-practice is to resubmit the items about
five-days before items are scheduled to expire.

there is no way to stop items from expiring --
product-listing-ads require fresh data.

the online-product-inventory-update feature is mainly
designed as a stopgap for critical changes to physical
inventory availability or price changes that cannot wait
for the full re-upload of all expired items.

the online-product-inventory-update feature is not meant

to prevent items from expiring -- in any way whatsoever;
all items (still) expire automatically every 30-days by default,
or sooner if an expiration_date value is set in submitted data.

that said, there are many other campaign-types and ad-formats

that currently exist, do not have such strict policies with respect

to fresh data, and may be a better fit for advertising certain items.