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Similar Products Differing Greatly with Impressions

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These three products have been in a high priority campaign for some time. They only differ by colour. How is it that one product gets a significantly larger amount of impressions than the other product?


The Search Terms Report includes mainly generic search terms, without specific colours. All descriptions and titles are the same, except for the colour difference.


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Re: Similar Products Differing Greatly with Impressions

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With Google Shopping not all variants are eligible to be displayed.

If the 3 products where completely different than yes you should see as long as there are searches allot of impressions. However as they are variants, most likely only one will have the constant display. Currently Google is still in the early stages with variants. Even the one that is working which is apparel, you will still notice that some sizes will never be shown.

Simply because Google ether thinks its not relevant or not useful for the customer or that it is not built in yet.
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Re: Similar Products Differing Greatly with Impressions

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Hey Daniel,

If multiple products are eligible to show on a search term AND they have the same bid (such as in your case) Google will show the product expected to provide the highest CTR. This generally involves testing impressions on the eligible products until the highest CTR product is determined (much like with ad copy for text ads).

Does the view in the screenshot represent the full date range of this product being active? I would expect there to be more historic impression data on the other product variants. It's also possible that Google's ranking algorithm for Shopping campaigns understands that certain variants or colors have a naturally higher CTR and will default to that product without much/any testing.

If you do have concern that the other products would perform better I would test raising the bid on them or excluding the variant getting all the traffic.

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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