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Showing under "Brand" and "Seller" section

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Hi guys,


I am trying to get our name to show under Brand / Seller section on Shopping Tab but I can't find any info how to do it. There are plenty of other sellers showing in those sections but not my client.


I got the following reply from Google:


"Please, kindly note that it is not possible to directly influence whether your store/brand of the item will appear in the filters Brand and Seller or not. These results are dynamic and they may change over time."


I don't quite believe there is no way to make it intentionally happen and instead I should wait for these to be be dynamically picked it up in some magical way.


Does anyway know how to get Brand / Seller to show in those sections?




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Re: Showing under "Brand" and "Seller" section

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Hi Maciej W

This can be done easily. You have to rename your store on merchant center account. Actually store name is showing on ads (Store name shich you used on merchant center account)
Hope this will help you out.

Re: Showing under "Brand" and "Seller" section

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Hi Virendra,

Thanks for your reply. Store's name in GMC is already client's name (and also website's URL) so I think this is in place already. Unless I am not understanding you correctly?


Re: Showing under "Brand" and "Seller" section

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Hi, the Google answer is correct. There is no official documentation where you can influence your store name to be listed under the brands section on the left.


This is currently dynamically calculated using an algorithm that is not publicly explained, the only people that could figure it out is by having 100's or 1000's of clients and do data analyse. Even if an Agency would bother spending time to do this, by the time it is found out, Google will have moved on or will alter the algorithm after it's found.


Certain things in all Google properties are simply kept a secret to avoid merchants from gaming the system. Certain things are designed to keep things fair, while not always 100%. Google does try to keep an equal playing field among the merchants.

Hope it helps.

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Re: Showing under "Brand" and "Seller" section

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first, be certain all data submitted and set in
the account are both accurate and relevant.

the data listed within the google-shopping sidebar, like all google's
(left-hand-side) features, are mainly small subsets that are indeed
generated automatically and dynamically, likely based mainly on the
search-terms used over time, the data's relevancy with respect to
the search-terms, the data's accuracy with respect to the exact
physical item and manufacturer as compared to submitted data,
and google's cumulative statistical data related to such information
and user-behavior, over some period of time.

generally, the more users who search for a product within the merchant's
submitted data or who search for a merchant by name, and is accumulated
over time, the more likely such data is to show on the left-and-side features.

conversely, if only a very few users search for a seller's store-name or
as set within the account settings or their associated products -- that
will likely greatly reduce the probability of showing up on the-left-hand
seller-list; unless, perhaps, extremely relevant or very specific long-tail
search-terms are used.

perhaps importantly, searching for the same similar items over and over again
will likely skew the results, effect quality, and the lists generated will not be
an accurate reflection of what others might be seeing -- the results can be
exceedingly user-specific.

at one time, google exposed their shopping-search-api, so an attribute's
or store-name's probability-distribution could be seen to grow over time,
as more merchants submitted items, user's searched, and as google
auto-generated their facet-buckets; as more api-requests were made,
it would return the exact histogram of data, for a brand or store-name
for example -- however, that api is no longer available and the internal
details were never articulated by google publicly.

that said, only google knows with any certainty and google has yet to divulge
exactly what might be required for entry into such (google-shopping) search
features, despite being asked many many times before.

see also


Re: Showing under "Brand" and "Seller" section

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Thanks all for replying. I was pretty sure that was the case, however now I am quite confident this is the case.

Thanks a lot a gain, really useful!