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Showing additional Product information in Images on Ads

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I am Ishank from Our company is selling consumer goods but unlike most sites we sell them the by  the case. Which means we are selling products in quantities of more than just one unit , like other websites do.
We are using Google Shopping ads for acquiring new customers to our website. 
See one of our ads- It only shows case price and product image. This makes it seems , when compared side by side that we are much more expensive. When in fact we are not. In fact we are cheaper.
What would solve this problem is if we are able to display the Unit Price rather than the case price. To do this, we are planning to change the product images that we submit through Merchant feeds. 
We are planning to submit images in the same format we have on our category pages. 
My question is that are we allowed to submit images to merchant feeds in the format that we just discussed about; where we are displaying additional product information on images so that customer understand more about our products.  
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Re: Showing additional Product information in Images on Ads

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the short answer is no.

google has rather strict policies for selling products
(item-offers) in quantities of more than just one unit.

submitted product images cannot contain prices
or any related service information; or is otherwise
grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

the image_link submitted must show a single unit of the offer.

merchant-defined item-offers that contain more than one, single, unit
must be submitted with the multipack attribute and a value indicating
the exact number of individual units in the offer.

the price for the minimum number of units sold must be submitted --
the price submitted, the price displayed on the link landing-page,
and the default add-to-cart price, must all match exactly.


for an item-offer sold in bulk, simply submit both the
unit_pricing_measure and unit_pricing_base_measure
attributes, so that google can calculate and display a
unit-price for such items -- depending on the context
of the ad.

generally, submitting a per-unit price for such item-offers is not allowed --
there are specific target-countries that do allow per-unit pricing to be
submitted as a price; but, only for a specific subset of item categories.

otherwise, such items are usually not a good fit for product-listing-ads.

otherwise submitting such items or images is grounds for
a disapproval or a suspension for the program, at any time.

that said, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats
that are available and might be a better fit for advertising
certain types of product offerings.

Re: Showing additional Product information in Images on Ads

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Showing additional Product information in Images on Ads

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Hey Celebird,


Is there any best practices to get the unit pricing to show on the PLAs for office supplies category? I have both attributes set up correctly, but Google Support says the system only triggers this feature when it benefits the user experience. I'm at a loss..

Showing additional Product information in Images on Ads

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some best-practices to help trigger per-unit-pricing
details, displayed by google, for shopping-ads include --

(a) if global-trade-data currently exits for the exact item-offer
being sold and shipped, assigned by the manufacturer, be certain
to submit accurate and valid global-trade-data -- brand, gtin, and
mpn if assigned.

for example: Finish, 00051700816897, 83532

for example: Dixon Ticonderoga, 00072067138125

conversely, if global-trade-data does not exist, then do not submit
any brand, mpn, nor gtin, whatsoever, for the item-offer -- rather,
submit identifier_exists with a value of no

(b) submit an accurate price for the minimum-purchasable-quantity, bundle,
or multipack item-offer, using the price attribute -- not the per-unit-price;

(c) submit accurate unit_pricing_measure and unit_pricing_base_measure values;

(d) submit the multipack or is_bundle attribute, when
applicable for the item-offer, with accurate values;

(e) submit a shipping_label attribute for the item-offer and set a
corresponding minimum-order-value in the merchant-center-account.

(f) on the link landing-page -- display either the total-price
for the minimum number of items sold, or the price-per-unit and
the minimum-quantity; importantly, the minimum-quantity multiplied
by the unit-price must match the price submitted, exactly, at all
times, regardless of a user's location or other user-specific detail.

do not display any other prices or price-information on the landing-page.

otherwise, yes, the format and display of shopping-ads
and shopping-ad details such as unit-pricing are purely
at google's discretion and tends to center around the
a user's behavior over time and benefiting the user's
experience as google sees fit.

currently, there is no way to force unit-pricing display by merchants.

google may also change the format and display of
shopping-ads and shopping-ad details at any time --
so what works today may not work tomorrow.

another best-practice is to keep up-to-date with all shopping-ad
rules, policies, and attribute-related changes and recommendations --
these usually foreshadow future features, upcoming changes, and
helps improve quality.