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Hi Team


We have a site wherein we migrated the PLA campaign to Shopping about more than a month ago. We've a couple of questions regardging the same :


1) For a particular search query (which happens to be the most important term for our industry both in terms of traffic and RoI) - always one particular product (lets call it Product 'A' for easy reference) shows-up - no matter which time of the day we check or how we bid the other product groups. (For eg. - at some point we had bid around $2.5 for Product 'A' and around $6- $8 on certain others - even then only Product 'A' was showing up). So we suspect if there is some issue in crawling wherein this product is shielding the other products from being crawled for certain search terms.)


(in terms of word count of the search terms in the item title and description - most of the other products also have these terms used in their title/description as frequently as in Product 'A')


2) Time delay for changes made in the shopping campaign to start reflecting in auction results :

In order to understand how the campaign works when Product 'A' is taken out of the way - we created a test campaign at 12 midnight EST today (a couple of hours ago that is) and completely excluded the product group of which Product 'A' is a part. However - now it is almost 1.45 AM EST - but still Product 'A' is showing up on Shopping results for this particular search term. (we are using Adwords Ad preview tool to check the results)


Pl could you throw light on the above two points.


Thanks a ton in advance !




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those seem to be statements rather than questions.

(1) what does "issue in crawling" mean exactly? crawling what?

what specific search-terms? what specific results? where exactly?

generally, ad results for product-listing-ads are determined by
both the bid and many quality factors -- including the quality  of
the data submitted to google, the website, reviews, adherence
to all the policies, rules, and guidelines, etc., -- not the bid alone.

organic-search results use crawl data directly -- not product-listing-ads;
product-listings mainly use crawl information to determine the website's
adherence to all the policies, rules, and guidelines; so may impact many
quality factors, and therefore product-listing-ad (shopping) results.


for example, all data submitted to google may impact quality --

not just title and description -- be certain all attributes and all

values are proper, exact, and adhere to all rules and gudelines.


for example, be certain all images submitted and shown on

the website adhere to all policies and can also be crawled.

for example, be certain that the price and on-hand physical
inventory availability, exactly match reality, the information
that is submitted to google for shopping, and what is displayed
on the website's link landing-page -- exactly, at all times -- and

adhere to all other rules, policies, guidelines, and requirements.


importantly, auction slots, auction dynamics, and global-trade-data,

may all impact seeing product-listing-ads within google-shopping vs

within regular, organic, search -- therefore, data-feed, site, and other

qualify factors, can impact the results to an even greater degree.

for regular, organic, search-results and crawling information,
there is google's webmaster-tools help and webmaster forums.

(2) what does "taken out of the way" mean exactly? how? in what way?

generally, to remove an item from the (google-shopping) auctions,
simply delete the item from the feed and resubmit the feed within
the merchant-center account.

after deleting the item from feed google may sometimes
take 24-72 hours or so before the changes are reflected
within the adwords-account and google-shopping results.


also, be certain never to reuse any id from a deleted item --

unless that exact deleted inventory item has been readded.

has a person at google been contacted directly concerning both these issues?

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Hi Celebird

Thanks a lot for the detailed note.

Clarifying certain points regarding the two issues :

Issue 1 - For a particular search term only a particular product shows up in Shopping Results (despite there being many other equally relevant products in the feed). Hence we were trying to understand why are the other products never showing up in the results ?

Issue Illustration : Say there are 10 products P1 through P10 in the feed. We have a search term which is equally relevant to all these 10 products. However - only P1 shows up for that search term - even if we bid more for products P2 through P10. Hence we were trying to understand why these products (P2 through P10) are never showing up for that search term despite being relevant to it and being bid higher than P1.
Regarding policy adherence and match between what is given in the feed and what is on the website - all these are set properly. If there were any issues/errors here - those would have been notified under Data Quality Errors / Data Feed Errors. However in our MC interface all products in the feed are approved and there aren't any Data Feed errors/warnings.

Issue 2 : We made a change in the campaign - we excluded a particular product under the Product Group heading. Theoretically this means that - this product is removed from our campaign and wouldn't show up in Shopping results. But we noticed that even after more than an hour of doing the exclusion in the campaign - we still saw the product in Shopping results page (when we searched through the Preview Tool). Hence we were trying to understand why an excluded product is still showing in the results.

We have spoken to the Google team and they mentioned they will escalate these issues to the expert team and revert. Response is awaited. Meanwhile we thought of posting this here so that we may get some insights into these issues.

Thanks and Regards

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the best likely course is to continue working directly
with the people at google who are handling the case
and can look into both accounts.