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Shopping vs Display

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Hey there folks! Can someone please explain the difference between shopping product overview and display product overview inside the merchant center. All of my products have been approved for shopping but all have been disapproved for display.

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Re: Shopping vs Display

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Hi Anthony,

What sort of issues are you seeing in the diagnostics tab? This might help narrow the issue down. Also, the products are definitely disapproved and not waiting on approval?

It's possible that there may be issues with the product feed attributes specifically related to dynamic remarketing. Here are the details on the requirements and specs of those attributes:
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Shopping vs Display

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Hello Jim,

This is the only thing on the diagnostics "Missing microdata for condition" but I have no clue whats missing. I've uploaded using Shopify.

Re: Shopping vs Display

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Are you using the "Made by Shopify" Google Shopping app? I don't have direct experience with Shopify however based on the online reviews there are a lot of issues with it - this could be the cause of your problem. Without seeing product level data it's pretty difficult to diagnose.

If I were you, the first thing I would do is reach out to Google support. If that isn't fruitful I would attempt to upload a feed directly into Merchant Center instead of using the Shopify integration. Like I said in the previous thread, there are some specific attributes for display only and it's possible Shopfiy is messing those up.
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Shopping vs Display

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Thanks again Jim! Yes I am using the app and I have reached out to them, waiting on reply.

Re: Shopping vs Display

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in terms of status, shopping and display are two different destinations --
(a) shopping refers to shopping-campaigns (product-listing-ads, google-shopping );
(b) display refers to display-ads (dynamic-remarketing) and must be whitelisted.


shopping and display-remarketing destinations have different rules and policies.

in terms of the merchant-center-account, the (main) dashboard and the
diagnostics tabs show different sets of potential issues and information.

the dashboard-tab is primarily for account and immediate processing issues;
the diagnostics-tab is primarily for long-term website crawl related issues.

the dashboard-tab shows overall account-wide messages or suspensions --
the shopping-products-overview shows status of initial feed processing.

the diagnostics-tab shows mainly issues with the account, feed, and items,
that can be found after the website and images have all been crawled --
typically 72-hours or so after inventory products (feed) data is submitted.

there are rules and policies for submitted data, images, and the website.

for example, automatic-item-updates issues can only be
found after the data has been processed and the website
is crawled  -- so, are typically under the diagnostics-tab.


missing microdata for condition -- relates to

the optional automatic-item-updates feature.

for automatic-item-updates issues there are usually two potential solutions:

(a) disable the optional automatic-item-updates feature within the account,
resubmit the products-data (feed) and ignore the related historic messages;

(b) fix the microdata on the website, usually by working directly with an
e-commerce vendor (for example, shopify); note that simply having the
microdata on the site pass google's structured-data-testing-tool is not
enough -- google-shopping has additional strict rules and policies related
to the automatic-item-updates feature and physical inventory product-data
that go beyond simple rich-snippets syntax checking.


see also



Shopping vs Display

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In case anyone finds this thread in the future, I want to share some helpful advice after speaking with an AdWords rep.


One potential reason for a product being disapproved for Display and approved for Shopping is that the product's title may include words or phrases associated with items prohibited from being advertised on Google Shopping. I'm not sure if the description field is checked by the filter but I'm assuming it is.


Unlike the Shopping channel, you cannot request a manual review of the product for the Display side. The filter simply disapproves the item from Display and that's it.


If you can adjust the item's name, then the item will probably go through. 


The filter is simplistic/limited, and does not take into account the UPC/GTIN/MPN to match the item to existing items in the catalog. 


So you end up with disapprovals like this:

"strip-cut shredder" -> "adult"

"paper stacker machine" -> "pharmaceutical / drugs" 

"champange" [color] -> "alcohol"

"cognac cherry" [color] -> "alcohol"


 Hope that helps!