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Shopping feed suggestion: allow multiple currencies in 1 file?

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Google shopping feed suggestion: why not allow multiple currencies in 1 file?


I've been creating our feeds and it occured to me that the only real difference is the curreny/price


Would it be an idea to allow multiple currencies in 1 file? And depending on the currency indicator Shopping picks the one it needs? It almost sounds logical... 


Now when we add two <gSmiley Tonguerice> statements it errors

and on the other hand it complains it is missing a price in the correct currency (whilst it is sitting just there


Would be a great and simple addition




Re: Shopping feed suggestion: allow multiple currencies in 1 file?

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Hi @Shirt H


Whilst I appreciate your suggestion, I can see some glaringly obvious reasons this would not be simple.


For instance, language can vary depending on countries being targeted.


Not only can a Datafeed only target one country, but each target country has a different set of policy and regulations that must be adhered to. 


Some countries have VAT or Sales Tax required. Shipping Methods vary etc..


To make this answer a lot shorter than comparison after comparison, 


If you were to take a DataFeed targeting the UK and then a Datafeed targeting Italy then the following would vary


UK Feed


English landing page

English Feed Data

GBP currency


Italy Feed


Italian Landing page 

Italian Feed Data

Euro Currency


This also doesn't take into account, different URL's within the linked page and varying attributes based on the pre-mentioned policy/regulations per country.


So whilst it would be lovely to submit one DataFeed and have Google automatically use the values to display your products in the necessary places, this would not be a case of simple and rather more complicated that you expect.


It would also make the one DataFeed needing to be submitted much more complicated.