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Shopping campaign in Germany

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I have one question about Shopping campaign in Germany. My client is having clothing shop and we would like to target Germany. The thing is that I checked something about EAN codes for products in Germany? What is this about? Do we have to set this in feed or? My client said that they are using this at the moment: barcode system called Code39. 

Where can I find more info on this and how to set it up? 

Thanks for clarifying this, 


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Shopping campaign in Germany

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google requires global-trade-data if valid global-trade-data exists and
has been assigned by the product's manufacturer to the exact item being
sold -- typically, if the product is sold by multiple retail-merchants.

global-trade-data are the gtin, brand, and sometimes mpn attributes
and can only be assigned by product manufacturers -- not merchants.


gtin, brand, mpn, are the global-trade attributes submitted in the feed --

identifier_exists is the attribute submitted in the feed that indicates if

valid global-trade-data currently exists -- has already been assigned

by the manufacturer to the exact item being sold -- or not.

note that the brand value must be the brand of the

product's maker/manufacturer -- not the merchant.

submitting invalid, inaccurate, or self-assigned, global-trade-data is a
policy violation and grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.


if valid-global-trade-data exists then valid global-trade-data

must be submitted -- or the item cannot be submitted, at all,

and should be removed from the feed, until valid and accurate

global-trade-data can be submitted, to avoid a disapproval or

a suspension from the program, at any time.

if valid global-trade-data does not currently exist for an item --
has never been assigned by the manufacturer -- then, google requires
that the identifier_exists attribute be submitted with a value of no
and gtin, brand, and mpn (all three) cannot be submitted, at all,
for that item.

code39 is generally an internal-sku or similar and
has nothing whatever to do with global-trade-data --
valid global-trade-data bar-codes (gtin values) are:
upc/gtin-12/upc-a, ean/gtin-13, jan, isbn/isbn-10, isbn-13


valid global-trade-data bar-codes values are assigned by gs1,

typically to manufacturers, and are stamped, directly on the

product, by the product's manufacturer, at the factory, during

the manufacturing processes.

see also


Shopping campaign in Germany

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Sorry for a bit late reply. Thank you very much for the info. The thing is that my client is manufacturer of her products. Which means campaign is for a person that owns that brand. I will have to check with her again what kind of codes are they using. If I understood correctly they are on that code 39 thing. 

In theory if they are using code 39 and if they want to use shopping in Germany, they will need to switch those codes?

Shopping campaign in Germany

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Internal codes should not be used for product identification. Only bar codes for GTIN and manufacturer part numbers for MPN.

So if your client does not have bar codes or mpn than set the identifier exists to the value of false and do not submit brand, gtin or mpn.


Hope it helps.

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Shopping campaign in Germany

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first, you're welcome.


no -- not at all.


do not switch any current codes --

there is no such requirement.


as was indicated, if valid global-trade-data

does not currently exist, then simply submit

identifier_exists with a value of no and then

remove brand, gtin, and mpn for that item.


Shopping campaign in Germany

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I will check this soon. I'll be back here with results Smiley Wink thanks for answers and help guys!