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Shopping campaign getting insanely few impressions. Seen it? Fixed it?

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Hey guys, 


Having an issue with a Shopping campaign getting very little impressions, no clicks, high impression share, for products that would seem to have a HUGE search market. 


Pretty focused in that they only offer six different variations on the single accessory type. Their Google Merchant Center and AdWords Shopping campaigns are all technically sound, and are set for accelerated ad display, 24/7, on the Google Search Network, with a highly aggressive bid, ample budget, and no negative keywords. 


No impressions. 


A Googler suggested putting some space between the highly aggresive bid, and the daily budget, but even going form a 10:1 ratio to a 20:1 ratio we still get  0 clicks and few impressions. 


We've tried adjusting the titles and description verbiage to have a a good amount of the intended keywords, while keeping it informative, useful, relevant and concise. 


Any ideas?

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Re: Shopping campaign getting insanely few impressions. Seen it? Fixed

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ultimately, only the bid and quality matter.

assuming the budget and bid are adequate to win slots in the auctions -- and

there are no mechanics in the account (such as scheduling or self-competition)

that are causing an issue -- the next potential area to focus on is usually quality.

if the information in the feed is too broad, the
search-terms and searches triggering the ad,
may not be targeted enough for the physical
item being presented.

also, be certain nothing in the feed is lowering
quality or resetting the item's quality factors.

sometimes, too much information or information that is
borderline with respect to any guideline can be an issue.

focusing on keywords rather than the physical item or
the landing-page experience can also be problematic.

of course, without more specifics, offering
specific suggestions can be rather prohibitive.


Re: Shopping campaign getting insanely few impressions. Seen it? Fixed

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Thanks for the quick and sincere reply.

Right, unless there's some setting I'm missing, the campaign's as aggressive as could be.

The feeds and product data are all in good shape, with all of the required and bonus parameters configured.

Again, only six products, which differ only in color and material, with relevant, concise and natural sounding and grammatically perfect descriptions, all going to a site of the brand and manufacturer of the items, which is doing great organically.

Further, these products are appearing for other advertisers in the Google Shopping tab and on the Shopping preview on SERPs.

Might there be a legacy account quality issue? Since this is only the second week managing the account, and there was rather ineffective (display and search; non-PLA) campaigns running previously?

This is their first Shopping campaign, not a PLA upgrade.

Re: Shopping campaign getting insanely few impressions. Seen it? Fixed

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first, you're welcome.

quality with respect to existing adwords text-ads should not matter.

however, quality with respect to an existing merchant-center-account
or new shopping-campaign could be an issue -- on either side of the
spectrum -- either from an existing, poor quality-history or from too
new of a (shopping) campaign with not enough significant data.

also, for variants -- be certain all variant rules, policies, and guidelines
are being followed; for example, identical item_group_id values and at
least one unique variant attribute value for all items in the variant group;
otherwise, the items will necessarily have low quality and will be grounds
for items to be removed from the auctions, disapproved, or the entire
website suspended, at any time.

accurate landing-pages for product-listing-ad-variants
can be more critical than for text-ads or organic-search --
especially with respect to quality and conversions.

depending on the type of item, accurate global-trade-data
and accurate, corresponding, images, may also be critical --
especially for variants that differ by color or material.

Re: Shopping campaign getting insanely few impressions. Seen it? Fixed

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I realise that it's been a while since this issue was raised, but your problem was almost identical to my current problem. Can you confirm it was solved and if so, how?

Your help is greatly appreciated.