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Shopping campaign: Search terms - High number of clicks and CTR, but low Conversion Value per Click

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Good morning everyone,

I'm struggling with optimising couple of Products in my company's Shopping Campaign. 
- Good number of clicks and CTR above expectations.

- High Bounce rate - above desired level (measured on the Ad Group level for this particular product) and Conversion value per click <1

- Couple of them I was able to ad some irrelevant Search terms as a negatives. For others it was enough to adjust the bidding. But still I have couple of products that are 1) highly relevant to the search terms, 2) have fully responsive, customer friendly landing page driving straight to the product, 3) No pop-ups or other things - Product photo, title, price, description, add to the basket button - standard components, 4) Good server performance.

Any ideas what to do with them ladies and gents? 
I'd be grateful for any hints,

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Re: Shopping campaign: Search terms - High number of clicks and CTR, but low Conversion Value per Cl

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as to bounce-rate --

bounce-rate can be a very miscalculated or misinterpreted metric --
not having people visit other pages on a site can have little meaning.

otherwise, bounce-rate can be a rather user-specific metric --
usually, something the user is seeing they are not liking enough
to stay and view other pages within the site.

if possible, try interviewing actual users of the website --
especially with respect to those particular landing-pages.

regardless, the more critical metrics are usually clicks, cost, and conversions.

as to low conversions --

this is usually a mismatch between what a customer expects and reality.

- prices that are not meeting the customer's expectations;
- shipping-rates that are not meeting the customer's expectations;
- search-terms that trigger items are less relevant than they seem;
- attribute values are too generic, inexact, or not relevant enough;
- time-of-day or seasonal mismatches;
- device related issues or device related behaviors;
- not enough negative-words or not an appropriate negative-match-type;
- missing special-offers, especially as compared against the competition;
- misalignment between the images submitted and what the user expects;
- misalignment between the landing-page and what the user expects;
- stock or delivery related issues;
- trust signals;

of course, not having specific landing-pages or related metrics to
compare over time, leaves rather general possibilities to consider.

since the poor conversions seem to be limited to outliers,
carefully comparing outliers to the norm is likely prudent --
of course, forum-members do not have access to that data.