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Shopping ads disapear after a week

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Hi, this is regarding a friends account and seems to be completely random..


They are in a competitive field.  They set a high daily budget, and they set a high max cpc.  The ads are scheduled to appear from 5am until midnight every day of the week.


They upload shopping feeds on a daily basis.  


Their ads will appear very well for a week or two (for all their relevant phrases) but then die off for anything upto 3 weeks or longer. As in they never appear, and the company is not shown on the sellers list?


Their feed is not disapproved, they get no warning messages about disapprovals, and their products are all shown as searchable in the products feed.


Their adwords are not affected.  Its just the shopping campaigns


Has anyone got any ideas....?


Thanks for looking



Re: Shopping ads disapear after a week

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Hi Dave

Could you clarify a few points, please.

When you say they appear really well for a week or two, are you using
performance data for this or are you performing searches to find the
products yourself?

If so, then this will more than likely be because the item and listing is
clearly not relevant to you as a user, as you are not clicking the ad,
therefore the items could be shown less regularly or not at all to you in
the future. If not, then please clarify what you are using to track
performance, Impressions/CTR etc. from AdWords, Analytics or another means?

Companies found in the sellers list, just as above, can vary when and who
they are shown to, it may not always be, that the company is not being
listed, it may simply be they are not being shown to you or a set group.

If your listings are not being shown after a few weeks, with daily uploads
and this is reflected in both your AdWords dashboard for Clicks and
Impressions, then there might be an issue which requires further
investigation from a Product Specialist. If you could let us know more
information on the above we can further assist where possible.