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Shopping ad appearing with no photo

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I have a strange situation with one on our products. Our product is appearing in the shopping search results without an image (see attachment). The feed includes an image for the product and the urls etc are correct. I spoke to google adwords support a couple of times and the explanation they gave me sounds strange so I wanted to run it past you guys...


When I spoke to support they told me that the product is awaiting review because of a price mismatch and we need to give it another 48 hours to correct itself. I don't understand this because:


  1. The price in the feed is the same as the price on our site and it has been for weeks.
  2. Our merchant center dashboard shows no products disapproved or pending review
  3. As I understand it if a product is pending review it will not be shown in the search results, however this is showing but without a photo


Has anyone else seen this before?


Many thanks



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Re: Shopping ad appearing with no photo

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as to price mismatches --

any price mismatch violation can be serious and result in
a disapproval or (permanent) suspension from the program,
at any time.

be certain that the submitted price matches the displayed and add-to-cart
price for the exact (variant) item being submitted, item_group_id values
are identical for all items in a variant group, the price and currency on
the landing-page is the same for all users, regardless of where the user
might be physically located, google can crawl the website (at all times),
shipping is accurate or an overestimate, and any microdata is accurate
or the automatic-items-update feature is disabled in the account, etc.

check the current-issues section under the diagnostics-tab for specific
account, data-feed, and items (website) issues, by clicking on each of
the blue-boxed or flagged errors or notifications -- regardless of any
individual item status.

as to images --

google may take 72-hours or more to crawl and cache submitted images.

importantly perhaps, that (not-yet-cached) image is not necessarily the item
being submitted -- currently, if a search-result shows from-n+-shops then,
that is usually a compare-prices-group.

the compare-prices group-photo and all related summary information such as
title, description, price, compare-prices summary, etc, are chosen by google
based on a variety of factors -- the image and information shown to represent
the group, may be from any of the merchants within the group.

also, if the item is from a variant group, be certain that identical
item_group_id values and at least one unique variant attribute,
with separate images that meet all google's policies, are being
submitted for all items in the variant-group

try a more long-tail, specific, search in an attempt to surface individual
items or a different summary, rather than a group or that specific group --
for example, barbour kempt jacket size xxl

generally, if an item is under review this may or may not be shown
within the merchant-center -- the status information, for any item,
may not be accurate, depending on exactly what is being reviewed,
the item's update frequency, feed processing time, submitted item
details, changes to the feed, account, or site, and many other factors.

typically, after the feed is submitted and properly processed, with no errors,
google will attempt to crawl the website and all images for any policy issues

and to copy and cache images; this process may sometimes take 72-hours

or more, depending on the site, images, and other factors.

be certain to check the server's log files to help verify
googlebot and googlebot-image have crawled the site.

if the image has changed, consider adding a random url-paramenter
to the image_link url value, or try re-naming the image's file name.

if submitted images are greater than about 400x400 pixels, consider using
a smaller image size, around 400x400 pixels or so, but not much larger;
some websites simply cannot keep pace with all google's crawl requests --
especially for very large images or large inventory.

before making any changes, check all related items by clicking on the
item's title within the products-tab of the merchant-center-account --
to verify the image has been crawled and is accurate -- and consult
directly with a support-specialist at google.

as an aside, google may change how an item is grouped, displayed,
or formatted, at any time; google is constantly experimenting with
new and different ways to present the raw data submitted.

however, forum-members cannot look into feed or account details --
we can mainly offer suggestions based on the information that is
posted here in the public forums.

if google is indicating that the item is under review or to simply wait
then, the best likely course is to simply check back in 72-hours or so --
or, re-contact google and ask for a product-listing-ads support-specialist.

Re: Shopping ad appearing with no photo

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If in your diagnostics tab you see that there are price miss matches, this might be due to several reasons.

The easiest way to help Google find the correct price is by adding microdata.

You can easily find the correct html elements by searching how to add microdata for google shopping
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Re: Shopping ad appearing with no photo

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Thats the strange thing. I don't see any price mismatch in the diagnostics centre, everything looks fine (see attached. We do have microdata enabled on the page and the price matches the value in the feed.



Re: Shopping ad appearing with no photo

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first, thank you for the screen-capture.

the blue-box notification may uncover an issue --
try clicking on the notifications link and then
clicking on the info-icon, the number under
affected-items, and on the learn-more links,
under the notification.

most microdata issues are under notifications.

regardless,, having microdata on the site can actually
cause price-mismatch issues -- for example, microdata
that passes google's structured-data-testing-tool may
(still) not conform to all google's requirements for the
automatic-item-updates feature and product-listing-ads.

if so, disabling the feature in the account and contacting a support
specialist directly until the issues are resolved, may be required to
help avoid a future suspension.

however, forum-members cannot look into any account histories,
any data (feed) details, or any website details associated with the
submitted data, unless those details are posted publicly -- we can
mainly offer suggestions and possibilities based on what is posted.

the best likely course would be to post more exact, specific, details,
if you wish and continue working directly with a support specialist.

Re: Shopping ad appearing with no photo

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Thanks for the reply. I'm curious about one point you make:


"also, if the item is from a variant group, be certain that identical item_group_id values and at least one unique variant attribute, with separate images that meet all google's policies, are being submitted for all items in the variant-group"


The only product variant we have is size so we can't really submit separate images for each jacket size as they will all look the same anyway. Do we need to submit different images for each item in the item group?

Re: Shopping ad appearing with no photo

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first, you're welcome.

no, separate images do not need to be submitted for size;
any (visible) color, material, or pattern, differences must be

submitted with appropriate images that reflect the product --
for all variants, but especially with respect to apparel items.

as an aside, color is a required attribute for all apparel items --
of course, not all in-stock variants (colors) need to be submitted;
but any variants that are submitted must conform to all the
variant rules and policies.

see also