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Shopping ProductIssues API strange behavior

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Hi everyone,


I'm having some little troubles with Shopping ProductIssues API. Don't get me wrong, I can successfully call the API and get in response a list of ProductIssues. My problem is that corrected issues, such as price mismatch, still appear in the results even though the product is know accepted by Merchant Center and its ad is recording impressions, clicks and conversions.


Is this the API's expected behavior? My need is simple, I only want to retrieve current ProductIssues.


Thanks !



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Shopping ProductIssues API strange behavior

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Google Shopping API issues, please ask here :!forum/google-content-api-for-shopping


I recommend checking the price submitted and price on the website are identical. If not, make sure you submit the correct price.


Also make sure that the prices on the landing page are vat inc.


Hope it helps.

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Shopping ProductIssues API strange behavior

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Thank you Emmanuel for answering,


I'm not sure you fully understood my question. My problem is the following:

1. I used to have a price mismatch error for one product (with the timestamp 2017-05-18)

2. I solved that issue by pushing the correct price in my feeds, this fix worked since the ad is now live and delivering impressions, clicks and conversions 

3. When I call the ProductIssues API I still get the price mismatch issue (with the timestamp 2017-05-18) even though it was solved. 


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Re: Shopping ProductIssues API strange behavior

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(1) the content-api returns both validation and

quality related issues, such as price mismatches.

(2) generally, quality related issues, such as price mismatches,

correspond, roughly, to the products-diagnostics historic graph

and related issues, within the merchant-center-account.

(3) products-diagnostics details within the merchant-center-account
and the related data-quality-issues information returned by google's
content api, do not get updated, at least in any immediate time frame --
even if the issue is fixed -- this is expected behavior.


generally, only validation-issues are updated immediately.

(4) importantly perhaps, products-diagnostics and related data-quality-issues
information are designed mainly as a historic log of issues, such that the
information may be studied, a root-cause located, and the issues corrected --
for the immediate, example, flagged items, all existing items, and any and

all future items that may be submitted.


data-quality issues may be flagged only on a sample, subset, of items --

not necessarily all items that may currently have the issue, or all items

or landing-pages that require corrective action, especially if very large

product-inventory sets are involved.


the general expectation, best-practice, is that the samples of issues will
be used to find a root-cause and more extensive corrective-action taken --
such that, a much more long-term, permanent, fix will be implemented,

across an entire website or all submitted data or both.

(5) as was indicated, the question still seems related to google's api,
is well beyond the scope of this forum, and a more authoritative answer

is available within google's official content-api-for-shopping forum/group:!forum/google-content-api-for-shopping

as an aside, there is no such api as productissues -- there is a
content-api-for-shopping and a productstatuses method/request,
that is typically implemented by a corresponding client-library.


Shopping ProductIssues API strange behavior

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Thanks Celebird for your answer, it's very informative.


You're right, I was referring to the Productstatuses.list request.


I'll post my question on google's official content-api-for-shopping forum/group to see wether I can get some extra information. I'll update this topic with any relevant stuff.

Shopping ProductIssues API strange behavior

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A little update on this issue.  


It turns out it wasn't the api's expected behaviour. The team in charge of it fixed it a week ago