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Shopping Feed - Images / Description

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I had a question regarding updating the Google Shopping Catalog, and looking for some advise regarding this. 


If you are the manufacturer of the item and update the product and description, why will Google still pull either an older description or older image and not the most up to date in my feed? I know that it is automated and can pull from anyone seller of the item, but how do I ensure it pulls from my feed? Is this possible? Currently there is some older images and descriptions on certain listings and it just will not update.

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Re: Shopping Feed - Images / Description

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first, be certain id values do not change for any item.


also, verify the item's status and details by clicking on the item's

title under the products-tab within the merchant-center-account.


updated images may take several months to update in results --
generally, try changing the image_link file name both within
the feed on the website and then resubmitting the data (feed).

selected description snippets are based on
the search-terms and many other factors.

if you are the manufacturer, be cautious of how global-trade-data
is submitted or not submitted by you and others; especially if other
merchants are submitting the same items.

posting the actual url triggering the ad, the specific feed entry,
screen-capture after clicking the item's title under the products
tab, screen-capture of the ad, and details, may allow us to offer
more exact suggestions.

currently however, there is no direct way for merchants
to force any format or display of any product-listing-ad.

Re: Shopping Feed - Images / Description

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Hello Celebird,

First, Thank you for your reply.

1. Yes, the ID Values were 100% the same. We just updated the images. I am showing the item details in Merchant Center to be 100% correct. Yes, we changed the actual file name and not replaced the images with new versions within the same filename. We changed the destination URL of the images.

2. Okay, on certain feeds, it pulls 100% of the same text I submit to Google, others pull maybe the first line and thats it.

3. Currently, I am listing the item and 1 or 2 other retailers and thats it. Some times our eBay listing does pull into the same Shopping Item, through the MPN and Brand Name being the same. Which again, is okay.

My issue is currently, the image that is being pulled, is a very old image, BUT its also has Text, Watermark, and not even a photo of the item being sold. So its also in violation of Google Image Policy as well.

Thanks for your great feedback and helping. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: Shopping Feed - Images / Description

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first, you're welcome.

generally, there is no way to force an image to update;
if the image is valid and updated within the products-tab
of the merchant-center and the file name is different,

that is about all that can be done.


check the log files within the website to

verify that google is crawling the images.


also, be certain that the current images within

the merchant-center meet all google's policies.


the snippet selected from the feed for display in results
is purely at google's discretion based on the search-terms
entered by users and other factors.

of course, what is seen in results may not be the submitted item;
verify that the item is leading to the link landing-page by inspecting

the ad-link -- of course, never click on the link as that will force a

payment to google.


if the items are only being submitted from (by) ebay then,
the best likely course is to contact ebay support directly.

however, without more exact, specific, details --
such as screen-captures, feed data, and links --
it is rather difficult to offer specific feedback
here in the public forums.

as an aside, having the same similar items submitted from
both a marketplace such as ebay and a private website is
also a policy violation and grounds for lower quality, items
removed from the auctions, disapproval, or a (permanent)
suspension from the program, at any time.