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Shopping Disapproval

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I have been using Google shopping for over two years, but recently it started disapproving some of the listed products.  No reason is given on the product page except that it violates some policy.  No info about what policy.  No help as to what to fix.  Phone support says to just change the item number and description/name and resubmit.  This has not proven successful.  Done this many many times.  Same products still disqualified.  I don't know what else to change in the name or description.  Anyone else have this experience?  Can someone help?  The site is



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Re: Shopping Disapproval

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I thing its not really a problem. If you are changing your prices regularly or the products are out of stock then that may be the problem. Anyway you don't have to worry since it checks and approves automatically.

Re: Shopping Disapproval

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Hi John

Disapproval can come at any time, regardless of how long the account has been active. Policies do change from time to time along with reviews being carried out on different accounts throughout the year.

That said..

Changing ID is never the answer, this changes nothing in terms of the item you wish to list.

1. Changing the ID renders all historical value to that item mute.
2. Changing the ID allows this item to be classed as New to the feed, however, with a new item, comes a statue of under review.
3. Whilst under review your item will be subject to the same policy violations that it was under the old ID attribute.
4. The policy violations will remain and disapproval will be placed once more.

Changing the title/description can assist if and only if this is where the problem lies, this would be excessive use of keywords, words that violate policy, profanity,sexual nature, excessive use of capitals or exclamation etc..

However if the policy violation is due to the item itself, no amount of altering attributes will remove this disapproval.

Instead you should take a look at the item itself.

If you can send a link to one of the disapproved items, this will aid further assistance, as looking through your entire site would prove difficult to pin point item issues if the disapproval is not feed/site wide.

Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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Re: Shopping Disapproval

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I am really at a loss here as to what to do. Google Shopping support says they don't know what to do either. They say it is triggering an automatic disapproval because the system thinks it's pharma. Here is a link to one of the products that was approved for a long time and suddenly became disapproved:

Appreciate the help.

Re: Shopping Disapproval

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for a u.s. registered data-feed, advertising any non-prescription
pharmaceutical is considered "pharma" -- and requires both --
(a) accreditation by naba-vipps and (b) authorization by google.

items containing any restricted ingredient violate
the policies and risks disapproval or suspension
from the program -- at any time -- regardless of

any formal accreditation.

items advertised with certain health-related claims language, within
the submitted (feed) data or on the website, violate current policies --

regardless of any ingredient or accreditation.

there is no such status as approved.

as was previously indicated, the length of time items have been listed
does not in any way impact future disapproval or suspensions; google
constantly updates their automated policy violation detection systems
and may disapprove an item or feed or suspend a website or account,
at any time.

Re: Shopping Disapproval

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I appreciate your response. You are correct Celebird. However, We are advertising products such as laxatives and lip balm. I have checked the language and there is nothing in there more than the words Such as:
"Relief from occasional constipation" and "Natural Laxative." These are not claims of pharmaceutical nature.

I know there are many others on the web advertising the same exact product. I have even tried copying their exact wording for the name to no avail.

Baffled and frustrated.

Re: Shopping Disapproval

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first, you're welcome.


(a) the claims language polices are not necessarily pharmaceutical

in nature -- any claim of effectiveness or any misleading claim may

be flagged.


(b) seeing the same or similar item within the current listings

does not in any way indicate any status; the items may have

simply not been flagged yet, the merchant may be accredited,

or the language in the feed or on the site may be acceptable --

the language visible in listings does not necessarily reflect the

entire language within the submitted data; only google and

the merchant have full access to all submitted data.


if the item, ingredient, or accreditation, has been flagged

as the issue, no amount of changing the feed or website

will have any effect on the disapproval.


otherwise, other than contacting another product-listing-ads specialists, about
the only way to approach the issue is to subtract or substitute suspected words
or phrases or to add words that might offer a clearer context -- especially in this

case, any language related to any effectiveness or any claim whatsoever -- on

a case-by-case basis.


importantly, items flagged may be only examples; if so, a more comprehensive
hand-inspection of items and the site are usually required -- and may indicate

a more encompassing policy issue (e.g. accreditation or the website content).

Re: Shopping Disapproval

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I checked on the accreditation. We are a licensed corp doing business only on the web. We are registered with the state and have fulfilled all licensing requirements. Selling OTC items requires no further accreditation.

The issue with Google only happens with a few products out of all the ones we offer. What is really confusing is Google will disapprove a 10 oz bottle of something but allow the 2 oz bottle to continue.

If there is something on the site itself I cannot figure out what it is. The pages for the different items are identical except for the size.

Re: Shopping Disapproval

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the accreditation information is based on google's policies --
which can sometimes be more strict than what states might allow.

generally, below is a list of what to check for such disapproved items:
(1) any promotional-text that does not explain only the physical item;
(2) any promotional-marks such as non-standard capitalization or html;
(3) any adult or mature topics, double entendre, or offensive language;
(4) any content that violates google policies (e.g. claims);

(5) any text that may relate to trademarked or copyrighted words or phrases.
(6) any items or ingredients that violate google policies;

(7) variants submitted improperly or displayed improperly on the site;

for (1-5) other than contacting another product-listing-ads specialists, about
the only way to approach the issue is to subtract or substitute suspected words
or phrases or to add words that might offer a clearer context; note that this
is a trial-and-error process.

for (5) if there are no legal issues with selling the product or using
the copyrighted information then, usually google requires verification
directly from the rights holder for a specific merchant selling the item.

a new, unused, id may be needed after changing the title and description --
to refresh the product in the merchant-center; however, if the item is still
flagged then that usually indicates that the physical item is being flagged,
and nothing can be done to change the disapproval.

if a different sized item is being disapproved then usually either
(a) the item is not being submitted as a proper variant --
with a proper, identical, item_group_id and a unique variant
(size) attribute value for all items within the variant group;
especially if the variant is not preselected or has a different price;
or (b) a proper item_group_id is being submitted but, the other sized-item
is different in some way in the feed, with respect to issues related to (1-5),

or all violate the policies but some simply have not been disapproved yet.



Re: Shopping Disapproval

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These are all good suggestions. But no one at Google can tell me what I need in order to change the designation on these products. They seem to be just as baffled as I am as to why these 38 products are tagged as disapproved. My feed has been looked at and there are no errors. I am just really tired of changing the ID/Name/Description of the item and re uploading it to no effect.

This makes no sense and no one at the company has done anything to clear it up.