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Shopping Campaigns

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Hi Friends


We have a Shopping Campaign launched May this year. (previously the PLA campaign was running since beginning of 2013).


We are into promotional goods business. We have been observing that the main terms in the industry (those which we bid very aggressively on Search campaigns and get the maximum traffic & conversions from) aren't triggering our PLAs (ads do show in the shopping page, but PLAs are never shown in the search result page). 


For example - if the main product is customized mugs and 'custom mugs', 'personaized mugs' etc are the main KWs for us in Search campaign -  what is happening is that these terms do trigger out PLAs in the Shopping page but not on the search result page. Because of which we are loosing on a great amount of PLA traffic potential.


We have a well structured campaign with the products classified and differently bid under different product groups. We have also been increasing the bids prograssively for the last few weeks hoping that the PLAs will evetualy start showing in the search result page. However there hasn't been any change in the issues.


Pl could you help us understand :

1) Why is it that these terms are triggering PLAs in the Shopping Page but not in the Search result page. And,

2) How can we tweak our campaign to ensure that certain search terms (for eg. 'custom mugs', 'personalized mugs' etc) would definitely trigger our PLAs in the search page.


Thanks in advance !!


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Re: Shopping Campaigns

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Hi blesson g,

The first thing you should be aware of is that PLA results vary from the Google Search results page to the Shopping results:

  • The available real estate is different between the two properties. On, there is less space to show PLAs while the Shopping property has more space.
  • The auction dynamics can be different between the two properties and, as such, the results may also be slightly different.
  • For some queries, Google Shopping may present results via a catalog (specific product page) instead of individual merchant listings while Google does not display these catalogs.

What I would focus on is the optimisation of your data feed, as that is what is going to determine which of your products show on the search results page. There are some great resources on the community for you to read:


Re: Shopping Campaigns

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Hi Kathleen
Thanks a lot for that detailed response. Discussions in those links are also super-helpful.

Thanks a lot!