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Shopping Campaign Rankings

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Hello all,


Wondering if anyone can shed any light as its starting to give me a headache! 


For months I have been running shopping and merchant centre campaigns and they have been very successful.


More recently though specific keyword terms dont seem to be returning the products despite them triggering them for months prior. These terms are in the product title, and description, even the URL. The only difference is one "competitor" has started appearing in the results. I have even started to increase the bids to see if it is simply that but it doesn't seem to have made a difference.


What I find strange is that even though they are not displaying on the main results page - when you click on the "shopping" search all my products are listed, and are higher than the competitor products. I have seen other topics whereby some people think text ads are causing the product ads not to show due to the campaign priority - however i upped the priority of the shopping campaign just to make sure.


Here is some examples to explain whats going on. Google search term - "Nespresso hot chocolate". My domain is, as you can see NO products ads are triggered but a text ad has done with 1st position. 





If i click the link "shop for nespresso hot chocolate on google" or the "shopping" tab next to all. Nearly every product in the results are from my feed, and my main product is top - my assumption would be if its top here it should be showing in the main results page but perhaps thats a wrong assumption. 




Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve a product ad's rank - and where the best places are in adwords to optimise them/compete with other products or companies? 




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Re: Shopping Campaign Rankings

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shopping-ads are part of a highly competitive, dynamic, advertising-auction.

ad-rank is based mainly on the bid and quality.

generally, the main google-search-page has far fewer ad-slots than on
google-shopping so, an ad may require a much higher bid, improvement
in bid strategies, or much better quality or some combination of all these,
to win a slot in the auctions.

other ad-formats may appear with shopping-ads and
advertisers may use both to advertise the same items.

competitors may improve their quality, greatly increase their bid,

or improve their overall bid strategies, or a combination of these,

at any time.

importantly perhaps, never use direct searches to verify items are showing;
to verify products are showing, be certain to inspect the impression data
directly within the shopping-campaign, rather than any actual searches --
which can be skewed, adversely effect long-term auction performance, rank,
and cost-per-click, by lowering click-through-rates as no positive actions
are taken when the ads are shown, and do not necessarily show what
others may be seeing.

in terms of quality --
be certain that all submitted (attribute) data conforms to all policies
and are both relevant and accurate with respect to the physical item --
especially the item's title and description; verify attribute relevance
by carefully inspecting the search-term data in the shopping-campaign.

check for any changes to submitted data; be certain id values remain the same.

although both titles and descriptions are critical, all submitted data and
many other factors may be considered by google when assigning quality.

in terms of bidding --
options generally include: increasing the budget, lowing bids or improving the
bid strategy for the auctions, pausing the campaign or parts of the campaign
based on certain time frames or general day-parting strategies, splitting
ad-groups into separate campaigns with different budgets, filters, using
custom-labels to create a new set of bid strategies, etc.

in summary:
- be certain physical inventory and the entire site meet all google's policies;
- be certain all submitted data meet all google's (data-feed) specifications;
- be certain to check for any submitted data (feed) or website related issues;

- review all merchant-center recommendations, standards, and best-practices;
- use impression statistics to verify items are showing, never direct searches;
- analyze the bid strategy and historic data for potential bid improvements.

otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted directly:

see also

Re: Shopping Campaign Rankings

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Here's a guess:

Google treats the main page and shopping page results as separate auctions.

Some products might perform better on the main page and some better on the shopping page. Perhaps your product does well only when people sort by price or some other action?

Re: Shopping Campaign Rankings

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hi jack, can you help me change URL in my landing page is incorrectly spelled while its ok in ad group , i tried but failed to change anything in landing page

Re: Shopping Campaign Rankings

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