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Shopping Campaign Performances

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Hello All,


I start my shopping campaign on 8th of Feb. 2016 for selling ink & toner cartridges. Till this date I have only 66 conversion and main thing is my conversion rates is rather higher than the expected. I feel my cpc are also high in this category and one more problem which I faced from since last week I get clicks but couldn’t convert into sales, what would be the reason behind can anyone helps me on this issue.
I will be very thankful.

I have shared below my all time data.


Account: Storeforlife

Clicks: 704

IMP : 61,063

CTR : 1.15%

Conversions : 66

Conv Rate : 9.38%

Cost : £332.81

Cost/Conv : £5.04

Avg CPC : £0.47




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Re: Shopping Campaign Performances

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Hello, Frank.

I'm not sure I understand where the problem is, because, frankly, a 9% conversion rate for E-commerce is outstanding. If the issue is the fact that you get less conversions lately, you may have to look at a Search Query Report for your campaign, to see if your ads don't get triggered for less-related queries (searches).

Here's more on that report:

If you find several queries that you consider irrelevant for your business, you should add them as negative keywords and this will prevent your ads from showing, for the same search terms, in the future.

Hope it helps.
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Re: Shopping Campaign Performances

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To improve your shopping campaign there are allot of things to consider. You have to consider that you competitors might have improved there business and you have recently felt the changes.

Things to consider
Improve landing page quality
Improve data feed quality
Add negative keywords, setup an effective campaign where you bid different for generic vs branded search terms, ensure your settings are optimised, look into audiences etc...

There are allot of elements to look into. Not something a person can just tell you what to do without looking into the account.

Hope it helps.
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