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Shopping Campaign Performance Issues.

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Hello All,

I have created a shopping campaign 4 months ago to sell ink cartridges in UK targeted location. I have optimized campaign all the way (like optimize title, fresh content for feed description) but till now I couldn’t find my targeted CPA for this campaign. At this time campaign cost per conversion is too high it is around 10pound/conversion while my campaign CTR is around the benchmark CTR. For increasing sales  I download assortment report from merchant center for my category and find all popular items from there and start bidding on them, now, what I face the problem is I have get clicks on those products but could not convert into the sale while my prices is more cheaper than my competitors.

What would be the possible reason for not generating enough conversion through this campaign?

Can anyone suggest me on these issues? And please also let me know if any issues with website landing page here is the link.


Many Thanks,


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Re: Shopping Campaign Performance Issues.

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Hi Frank,
Welcome to the world of optimization. Millions of people have arrived at the point where they're spending more for a sale than they're making. You need to optimize your bids, your website, your conversion rate, your UX, your backend processes, your customer lifetime value, your deal with your supplier to squeeze a better margin from them.

Just because you're the cheapest, doesn't mean you'll get the sale. Do you have any reviews? Who are you? Why should a customer buy from an unknown when they can spend $0.5 more and buy from a business with hundreds of reviews and a social media presence that's so customer focused that they know they'll get instant support if they need it.

You're going to need to start reading up on the hundreds of thousands of blog posts, white papers and research on what motivates people to buy and what makes people leave your site after they arrive. Amazon have spent BILLIONS of dollars on refining this.

It's a never ending process of testing and refining your approach. It's a massive topic. It's marketing.

As for your shopping campaign performance, it's up to you to set the bids to the level that you're either breaking even or cutting a loss and making it up on the backend. If there are other advertisers advertising and the margins are slim, you can bet your bottom dollar that they're optimizing all the areas I've mentioned above.

So, unfortunately, there's no magic setting or button you can press to "make this campaign profitable". It's an ongoing battle and it's up to you, the advertiser, to optimize everything on your end and when that's done, set the bids to match.

Finally, your site, while decent enough, could use a look over by a conversion rate optimization expert. You're doing quite a few things wrong. I'd highly recommend this old but fantastic resource for some ideas on where you can improve

Sorry I can't offer anything more at this point. You're just going to have to get your hands dirty, dig your heels in and start optimizing.

Re: Shopping Campaign Performance Issues.

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Well @Dave_Davis has given you a very good introduction to the madness of advertising.


I highly recommend reading up on articles, don't rely on one article. Read plenty on the same subject than come to a common conclusion.


Every single day I read articles and forum posts, help where possible and learn something new every day.


There is no quick fix, but recommend to start with the basics.


Ensure you have a CTR of at least 3%, and use ROI instead of cost per conversion. A person might buy 10 items where the cost per conversion will not give you a true profit ratio.


Also start excluding poor performing products, search terms. Check your Analytics for any issues. Have you optimized your landing page or Checkout.


Are you keeping things simple.


It's an endless cycle where you need to improve every area step by step.


Hope it helps.

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