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Shopping Ads Not Showing

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Just last week, I was hit with a penalty to my organic rank for a keyword that also brought up shopping ads. I'm told that the two aren't related so the can't effect the other. But both my organic rank and the shopping ads dropped at the same time and have stayed off.


I see no errors/warnings/notices in either Merchant Center or Adwords. I thought maybe only I'm not able to see the shopping ads since I'm repeatedly looking at them, but I confirmed that the impressions on all the shopping ads had in fact dropped to zero at the same time as my rankings fell.


But regardless of whether or not the two are related, does anyone have any idea as to why my shopping ads might have stopped showing?



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Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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yes, there is no direct connection between organic results and paid ad-rank.

ad-rank (seeing items within google-shopping) is
mainly determined by the bid and quality factors.

a checklist:
(1) how many items were submitted in the feed?
(2) how many items are shown as processed under the data-feeds status?
(3) what does the diagnostics-tab indicate for the account?
(4) what does the diagnostics-tab indicate for the feed?
(5) what does the diagnostics-tab indicate for the items?
(6) does the item show when searching for the item's id under the products-tab?
(7) what details show when clicking on the item's title under the products-tab?
(8) is there still no (click) activity showing for the item under the products-tab?
(9) have there been any recent changes to the data-feed?
(10) have there been any recent changes to the website?

(11) are any items listed from any other website or (marketplace) venue?
(12) can google properly crawl the website and all submitted images?
(13) are all in stock items submitted currently in your physical stock?
(14) are any and all variants submitted per the variant rules and policies?
(15) is the merchant-center-account currently linked to the adwords-account?
(16) within adwords, has the campaign been paused or depleted its budget?
(17) within adwords, do items currently match a product-group?
(19) within adwords, do items exist when clicking view-full-list-of-products?
(18) is there enough bid set to competitively participate in the auctions?
(19) within adwords, are there still no impressions or clicks showing?
(20) is auto-tagging set within adwords and analytics active on the website?
(21) within google-analytics, is there any activity showing (for adwords)?


that said, there are many google-shopping (merchant-center) policies

for the claimed site that are similar to or parallel webmaster policies --

for example, spam and cloaking techniques -- that if violated are also

grounds for disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.


Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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At the moment, 99% or over 2,200 of the items are active. The account and feed show there were no problems and there are only 2 connection errors in the items tab which I've checked were temporary.

The items are listed as searchable and in fact are by item id, and their details are showing but of course there are no click because there are no impressions in the adwords shopping.campaign.

Nothing changed in adwords and the shopping campaign was getting plenty of impressions and clicks on a daily basis until I was hit with the penalty on my organic rank.

So it's safe to say that the organic rank penalty has affected the product listings for my shopping ads? The most frustrating thing is the utter lack of communication from Google. I received no notice what so ever about any of it.

Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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has a product-listing-ads specialist from adwords been contacted?

what were the exact connection errors?
seemingly temporary connection errors
can cause items to stop serving long-term
depending on the frequency and details.


are any variants being submitted?

are individual items actually seen within the adwords account --
regardless of any status within the merchant-center-account?

google-shopping is based on how much is bid and quality factors --
there is no connection between google search results and paid ads.

generally, if there was an issue with a website, such as
not being able to properly crawl web-pages for example
then, the connection would be the website itself; since
both can and do attempt to crawl sites independently.


unfortunately, forum members cannot look into feeds or accounts --

we can mainly go by what is posted here within the public forums.


Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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The connection error is "Could not connect" for three items. I checked myself by entering the same URL into the browser that wasn't able to be connected to, and the correct page loaded just fine.

I am able to see individual items and groups just fine divided by custom labels in adwords. I am bidding competitively and the bids and ads have not changed from a week ago when they were getting thousands of impressions and several clicks and zero now for both.

Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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unfortunately, what is seen in a browser is not
necessarily what is (not) seen by google's crawls.

bids can go up around the holidays.

is there enough current budget to cover the existing bids?

can an exact url and feed entry be posted?

has a product-listing-ads specialist from adwords
been contacted directly since the issue surfaced?

Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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Actually NVM.

I tried to actually go into my product groups and noticed that, even though I hadn't change any of the groupings, they were all empty!

I just realized that what happened is the way our sizes and lengths were formatted changed slightly and in turn we hadn't considered that this would change the custom labels down the line, with the end result being that the products where no longer being funneled into their respective groups.

Thanks for all your replies!

Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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first, thank you for the details.

a limited budget might cause ads to not
show as frequently -- or not show at all.

perhaps similar to a real-world auction, if there is not
enough budget to cover the bids the bids are rather
meaningless, regardless of the bid amount -- and no
items would be be able to partipate in the auctions;
if no items participate and win in any auctions then,
no items will be seen on google-shopping and clicks
and impressions would not be possible.

of course, if there is enough budget simply be certain that the
items are seen within the ad-group and match a product-group
so that the bids are being assigned.

yes, even one single item with an issue might cause the whole listing
to fall out, depending on the details; sometimes only a small subset
of issues are flagged (as examples) and the examples are an indicator
of a widespread issue -- if so, all items would not nessarily be flagged
but all items might be removed from the listings until google has some
assurance that the underlying problem has been fully resolved.

at this particular time, that link landing-page
seems to be responding to google's crawls --
but check the web-server's log files.

also, google's crawls may be confused by the multiple add-to-cart prices;
typically, only one, single, add-to-cart item and price are recommended
on a link landing-page -- any variant should be pre-selected or should
not be submitted if the price does not match exactly.

a google-adwords representative from the
google-ads-team may be contacted here --

when contacting adwords, be certain to emphasize
that you have a question about "product listing ads".

Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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"I just realized" --

that sounds like good news.

i assume the other post got deleted --
which would explain why my other
reply was delayed or rerouted.

"Thanks for all your replies!"
you're welcome and all good luck to you.

Re: Shopping Ads Not Showing

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Oh yeah, I realized it right after I made a long post which was irrelevant now. Too many variables too look out for, and it's probably too much to ask for but it would be great if Google sent out little notices of changes made that make no common sense Smiley Tongue