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Shopping/AdWords: how are they related?

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I've been looking into uploading a Google Shopping feed for a couple hours before I learned that Google Shopping seems to be pretty reliant on AdWords. Can someone give me a general overview on the relationship between AdWords and Shopping? (I'm not particularly familiar with AdWords.)


My end goals are to get my products listed on Google Shopping and to track traffic and sales.


Thanks for any help.

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Shopping/AdWords: how are they related?

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Hi Stan,


I find it strange that the Merchant Centre is not built into AdWords, because it only exists to serve Google Shopping ads.


To get your ads running on Google Shopping:


1) Get a product feed approved in the Merchant Centre

2) Create a Shopping campaign 



Shopping/AdWords: how are they related?

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google-shopping is a highly competitive, dynamic, shopping-ads auction.

as was indicated, a product-feed in the merchant-center-account,
and a shopping-campaign in the ad-account, are both required,

to participate in the google-shopping auctions.

only items with enough quality and a high enough bid, to win a slot,
in the ad-auctions, may be seen as a shopping-ad, on google-shopping.

as an aside, the merchant-center exists for many other google-products --
some related to ads or other ad-formats and some having nothing whatever
to do with ads; for example, dynamic-remarketing-ads, local-inventory-ads,
adwords-express-local-inventory-ads, google-merchant-promotions-program,
google-customer-reviews-program, product-ratings, purchases-on-google,

integration with google's content-api-for-shopping, etc; the merchant-center

is also used to configure various features related to shopping-ads and these

other programs -- such as tax, shipping, inventory-feeds, etc.


see also