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Shopping Ad Extensions

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I am having a struggle trying to get Ad extensions running on my G Shopping Campaign. (Free Delivery - or - Use This Code For 10% OFF - etc...)

So, with the phasing out of Promotional Text for G Shopping listings and the advent of the new automated Extensions, all I can find is sketchy info at best, as to how to set these up:

"These new extensions are displayed alongside your shopping ads (PLAs) at no additional work or cost. They use existing information you’ve provided in your Merchant Center settings and data feed to automatically show free shipping and price drop information in a consistent and digestible way for shoppers."

Nothing is obvious in Merchant Centre settings to get these extensions rolling. nor is it obvious how to apply extensions from the Adwords settings. (i think the Extensions tab in Adwords only relates to sitelinks for standard CPC ads??)

I am located in Australia, and only target AU market. 

Is there something very obvious I am missing here, or are Australian G Shopping ads not yet able to run these Ad extensions?

Anyone who has worked this out, please let me know!


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Re: Shopping Ad Extensions

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Hi Paul, 


As it already says, no additional work is required for such extensions, they are automated. It uses your feed data and automatically decides the eligibility of such extensions. 


Not much to optimize campaigns specifically for these extensions.


Ratan Jha


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Shopping Ad Extensions

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Hi Ratan,


Do you know if changing/adding a field in the data feed will help to get these automated extensions showing?




Re: Shopping Ad Extensions

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for the free-shipping automated-extension, be certain
that shipping is zero when viewing the item under the
products-list-tab of the merchant-center-account --
that is, shipping is set to zero either within the account's
settings or sent in a valid shipping attribute in the feed.


for the sale-price automated-extension, be certain that a valid

sale_price attribute and value are sent in the products-feed,

can be seen under the products-list-tab, and the item and

landing-page meet all google's policy requirements for a sale.


use-this-code, and similar promotions, have nothing whatever to do with
automated-extensions -- promotional-text cannot be submitted, in any form,
in any product-feed -- but rather, require acceptance and participation in the

merchant-promotions program and either a promotion set within the account,

or a separate promotions-feed.


eligible extensions or promotions may be shown at google's discretion.


see also