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Shoppable Lightbox ads?

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Hi! I'm wondering if anyone can shed any info on lightbox ads with product feed? aka Shoppable Lightbox. The example I gave now is from the ad format gallery in one of the advertising examples.


My questions would be:

  • Is it available in adwords or only Doubleclick?
  • If in adwords, is the campaign type Display or Shopping?


Many thanks,





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Shoppable Lightbox ads?

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(1) both ready-lightbox and custom-lightbox ads exist;
however, custom-lightbox-ads are doubleclick-only.

(2) lightbox-ads show on display-network-only campaigns.

the data for a lightbox-ad can be via a configured link to the existing
merchant-center-account, with in stock items, with a searchable-status.

the so-called shoppable nomenclature is derived from this account-linking.

Re: Shoppable Lightbox ads?

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Hi Celebird,


Thanks for your reply!


Just to clarify, does this mean we'll get an option for shoppable lightbox ad creation as soon as we link up to a merchant feed?


At the moment we only have the standard Lightbox ad format when creating a 'display network - Engagement' campaign and trying to create ads (see screen shot). Do you have a screen shot on how the shoppable lightbox option looks like?


lighbox ad.JPG


Thanks again,


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Shoppable Lightbox ads?

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first, you're welcome.

(1) no;
(2) see below;

there is no shoppable-lightbox-ad per se.

rather, there are simply lightbox-ads, with assets (content) applied to the ad --
e.g. a lightbox-ad template may have product-assets applied during ad-creation;

some external literature may refer to this as shoppable-lightbox-ads.

not all assets are required for lightbox-ads -- the various asset
features are simply added (content) options to help configure
an ad's details, that may be applied during the ad's creation.

product-assets/linking to the merchant-center
are not required to create ready-lightbox-ads --
using product-data, from the merchant-center,
within lightbox-ads, is simply an optional feature.

generally, clicking start-with-a-template, will then show an "assets"
drop-down-menu, near the top-left of the create-a-lightbox-ad page.

if product-assets are wanted as an option during lightbox-ad creation --

(1) edit the campaign's dynamic-ad-settings -- verify dynamic-ads-for-retail
is configured and linked to an existing google-merchant-center-account,
with valid, physical inventory of in-stock items with a searchable status

both accounts and the campaign's dynamic-ads (settings) must be linked.

(2) select ad > ad-gallery > lightbox > under lightbox-ads, click create;

(3) click start-with-a-template;

(4) under the assets drop-down-menu, select product-gallery --
which should automatically show, under the assets drop-down-menu,
if the merchant-center and campaign-settings are properly linked.

then, the product-gallery will allow attributes, within the merchant-center
products-feed to be used, to help configure the lightbox-ad's display details.

note that not all target-countries are supported for product-assets.

also, there are many multiple style options and themes for lightbox-ads.

see also



Shoppable Lightbox ads?

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Hi Celebird,


Absolutely perfect, got it now. Thanks for your help.


I'm UK based so i'm assuming it's supported here.


Many thanks,