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Shopify Product Upload Error "adwords labels" in Google Merchant Center

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I've downloaded Shopify's app called "Google Shopping" and imported my product feed into the Google Marchant Center.


From there my products have been disapproved for these reasons:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 6.37.47 PM-1.png

Does anyone know what "Invalid string value in attribute: adwords labels" means and how to fix it?





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Re: Shopify Product Upload Error "adwords labels" in Google Merchant Center

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first, thank you for the attached screen-capture.

invalid-string-value means either the value is blank (empty),
or the value does not contain plain (u.s.ascii) text -- such as
html, character entities, special or proprietary symbols, url's,
css, non-standard punctuation, scripts, etc.


to fix the issues -- (a) remove all optional attributes (tags)

that have blank (empty) values, so none are submitted;

and (b) change all required, wanted, or needed, values

so that only plain text is submitted.

for xml, empty optional attributes (elements)
should be removed -- not submitted, at all;
empty element tags should never be submitted.


the encoding for all characters submitted must also

match the declared encoding for the submitted data --

mixed encodings are not allowed.

generally, use plain (u.s.ascii) text consisting of only
letters, numbers, and standard (english) punctuation.

for description, use only standard (english) sentences
that describe the physical product or how the physical
item might be used, with standard (english) punctuation,
all on one, single, contiguous line -- without line-breaks
and without any formatting whatsoever.

importantly, the diagnostics-tab may only show examples (samples),
so the issues may affect many more items than the samples shown --
for additional details, click on the numbers under affected-items.


as an aside, if valid global-trade-data (brand, gtin, mpn) exists then,

valid global-trade-data must be submitted; any global-trade-data

that is submitted must be assigned by the manufacturer to

the exact item being sold -- all merchants selling the same

item must submit the same valid, legal, global-trade-data;

otherwise, identifier_exists FALSE must be submitted and

brand, mpn, and gtin must not be submitted, at all, for the item;

merchant-assigned or invalid global-trade-data is not allowed.

otherwise, the best likely course would
be to directly contact shopify-support  --

or whoever is supporting the shopify-app.


see also


Re: Shopify Product Upload Error "adwords labels" in Google Merchant Center

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Thank you so much for your help!