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Shopify App vs Merchant Center Verification Problem

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Had a teleconference with google rep to set u merchant center shopping products with walk thru.   We were close to being done when he figured out that my images were showing as being hosted by Shopify (my platform) and had this type of identifier


The rep said I needed to get shopify to correct.  Upon contacting them they said I just needed to use the Shopify App for Google Merchant. 


Upon trying to set it up the website is not being Verified and is stuck on a screen not allowing me to pass to complete sign up.   The shopify rep thinks because I authenticated with the google rep it is preventing shopify from loading app.


shopify rep asked me for meta tag info for verification I used with google rep but I did not use meta tag method.


Stuck - please help


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Re: Shopify App vs Merchant Center Verification Problem

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verification and claim are separate steps.

the website url that is verified-and-claimed must exactly match
the website url's of the product-inventory link landing-pages,
that are submitted to google.

if verification has already happened via google then,
simply be certain that the same google-account (login)
that was used to verify the site is also used to access
the merchant-center-account.

after verification is fully completed, simply
claim the website within the merchant-center.

otherwise, verification actually happens under the google-webmasters-tools
account (the google-search-console) -- the google-webmaster-forums may be
consulted for more direct help with verification:!categories/webmasters/verification

after verification has been completed then, using the same google
account (login), simply claim the site within the merchant-center.

images are not required to be on the same site as the verified and claimed site.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly:

after the website has been both verified and claimed then, inventory
items may be submitted; if a third party is handling the inventory-data
that is being submitted to google then, that third-party should likely be
re-contacted directly -- in this case, shopify-support.

see also

Re: Shopify App vs Merchant Center Verification Problem

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Thanks for your help. I will study all you wrote over the next 24 hours