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Shipping within certain postcodes

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I am new to all this and can't seem to get the shipping location between certain points to work. 


For example we want to offer free shipping within these certain postcodes 4558(Northern Boundary Maroochydore) -4225(southern Coolangatta)  including 4305(western ipswich) + 4165 (Eastern Victoria Point)


And not allow shipping to the rest of the country due to the size of the items.

However when I try to put the range of postcodes in it keeps giving an error, how should I be putting this is so I dont miss any of the area?




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Shipping within certain postcodes

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shipping-ranges for location-groups must be sorted lowest to highest; e.g.


for the exclusion use-case: within the shipping-service, after assigning a
location-group, add a new-row, select a destination of all-other-locations,

and a value of no-shipping.

the shipping_label attribute may also be used to assign
the shipping-service to a subset of submitted inventory.


a best-practice is to always verify the processed results,

by using the shipping-calculator, for an item and location,

by clicking on the item's title, under the products-list-tab,

of the merchant-center-account.