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Shipping error message

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I am trying to use the google spreadsheet to upload my products and I keep getting this error message:


Please make sure that the attribute includes the correct number of sub-attributes. All colons between sub-attributes are required, even for blank values


I have my shipping set at account level. £3.25 for orders up to £30, free for over.


In the shipping field on the spreadsheet I have tried:


a) 3.25

b) 3.25:0.00

c) 0.00


Keep getting the same error message.

Re: Shipping error message

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Good Morning Tracy,

If you are setting shipping within your Google Merchant Center account, you
do not need to include this again within the spreadsheet.

Any value set within your Google Merchant Center Shipping settings will be
used when a value is not found in the uploaded data-feed. If, however, you
wish to over-ride a shipping cost, you can include this within a shipping
attribute within the feed.

You would do so by including the following

GB::3.25 GBP for items under the £30 limit
GB::0.00 GBP for items over £30.

if you offer different shipping methods you can include this as follows

GB:First Class:3.25 GBP, GBSmiley Frustratedecond Class:1.50 GBP

Each service must be included after a comma. Free shipping values should
not be offered to items under the £30 limit.

Hope this makes sense, if not let me know.


Re: Shipping error message

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Thank you so much Tom xx

Re: Shipping error message

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No Problem Smiley Happy Happy to help.