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Shipping Weight for Google Merchant center CSV Feed

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We are currently using "weight" as a field in our current Google Merchant center CSV Feed for shipping weight. Is this field changed to "shipping weight" or its does some other purpose?

As per link:


Do I need to add an unit for "weight" now?

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Re: Shipping Weight for Google Merchant center CSV Feed

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Hi, as in the other topic. The correct way of doing this is adding 3 kg to shipping weight column

Type We accept only the following units of weight: lb, oz, g, kg.
Text/Tab delimited 3 kg
XML (Feeds) <g:shipping_weight>3 kg</g:shipping_weight>
Content API v2 (JSON) "shippingWeight": {
"value": "3",
"unit": "kg"
Content API v2 (XML) <shipping_weight unit="kg">3</shipping_weight>
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Re: Shipping Weight for Google Merchant center CSV Feed

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for best results, use only exactly:

there is no such attribute as weight -- do not use weight;
weight was a legacy, historic, attribute, retired long ago.


a proper shipping_weight value should include

a number, space, and google-supported unit; e.g.

123.45 kg

currently, .txt tab-delimited and .xml google-xml data
feed file formats are officially documented as supported.

currently, csv is not a documented, supported, products-feed file format.

however, feed processing may sometimes attempt to force-fit almost anything
and do whatever might be reasonable, whenever possible; such as use a legacy
weight attribute as the shipping_weight attribute or process a csv file.

importantly perhaps, such behavior is not guaranteed,
may not result in exactly what is needed or wanted,
and may not work long-term.

see also