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Shipping Weight Syntax

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As one of the elements of my Google Sheets feed, I inputted "shipping_weight" to be 0.06, intending this to represent 1 ounce. (0.06 pounds.)  However, when I click on my product feed it tells me a sample shipping rate based on weight and distance to New York, NY would be $7.14.  This is clearly incorrect, as first class shipping for this item would be less than a dollar.  Am I inputting the syntax wrong?  Or is this a problem with the shipping method settings?

Re: Shipping Weight Syntax

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Hi Lindsey
Have you added any shipping method in your merchant account please? If yes then you do not need to include shipping details in the feed unless you want to override any of the set methods for selected products.

Also, Celebird has nice explanation here

If you face issues further, please let us know and we will be happy to help.