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Shipping Costs In Google Shopping

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So basically, our delivery costs on our google shopping ads says £1.95, and some of our competitors says its free delivery, but what they are actually offering is free delivery over £X spend, just like we are (free delivery over £15), so both our ads and their ads don't reflect what is really offered... 

So I was hoping that either we could change the delivery option to say free delivery like they do, or free delivery over £15. Or if we can get our competitors to state their real shipping costs upfront...


If anyone has any input on if this is possible and how to go about doing it, that would be greatly appreciated! Smiley Happy




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Shipping Costs In Google Shopping

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free-delivery-messages are either automated by google -- based on shipping
information set in the account or submitted in a valid shipping attribute -- or
based on details submitted by merchants via the merchant-promotions-program.

shipping for an item-offer may be either exactly accurate or an overestimate,
or is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for disapproval or (permanent)
suspension from the program, at any time.

any delivery-message set in any products-feed is also a policy violation --

the products-feed is for physical details; promotional-text is not allowed.

potential policy violations by others may be submitted directly to google:

see also