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Shipping Attribute for Google Shopping Merchant Center Feed

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Problem Description: Our Google merchant account got suspended. One of reason is because inaccurate Shipping costs. It showed we had different values on item landing page & data feed.
Anyone knows how can we fix this issue? Where to fix it? We didn't even submit any shipping from our data feed, so I don't know where it got value from our landing page & data feed.
And another question, if some of items has free ground shipping, do we have way can do it?
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Re: Shipping Attribute for Google Shopping Merchant Center Feed

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(1) google's rules and policies for
an item, feed, and website depend on
the feed's registered target-country.

(2) valid shipping is required and is otherwise
a policy violation and grounds for disapproval
or suspension, at any time.

(3) valid shipping may be set within the account or
submitted as an override per item in the data (feed).

(4) account-level shipping applies to all items within a target-country
unless a valid shipping value exists for an item in the submitted feed.


(5) any account-level shipping based on weight also requires a valid and

accurate shipping_weight attribute and value for all items in the submitted

data (feed) -- a valid shipping_weight is the item's weight during shipping

and includes a number, space, and google-defined unit. e.g
23.45 kg

(6) shipping for an item must be either exactly correct or an overestimate
for the majority of users within the (registered-feed's) target-country.

(7) all items within a feed must be shippable
throughout the registered feed's target-country.

(8) in stock items must be in your physical stock --
only direct-to-consumer shipping methods are allowed.

(9) if you ship from outside the registered-feed's target-country, any and all
customs and related shipping charges must be covered in the shipping-price.

(10) shipping must be for the purchase of only one, single, item --
the one, single item, submitted as an entry in the data submitted.

(11) automated price currency conversions are generally not allowed.

(12) the shipping set within the account or submitted in the data (feed)
must match any shipping information on the landing-page and during

checkout,  or is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for disapproval

or suspension from the program, at any time.

(13) google automatically crawls and randomly hand-inspects

websites to verify that all information conforms to all rules,

requirements,  specifications, guidelines, and policies.

(14) any shipping or delivery information, anyplace within
the data submitted (other than in a valid shipping attribute)
is not allowed and is grounds for disapproval or suspension.

(15) free shipping may be set within the account for all items,
or as an override using a valid shipping attribute in the feed;
free shipping, or any shipping information, cannot be mentioned
anyplace else within the submitted (feed) data -- or is otherwise
grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

(16) google is the final arbiter of all policies -- only a person at
google can directly change a (disapproval or suspension) status.

details are currently here --


see also