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Severe impression loss help...

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We've been using the same google shopping campaign for just under 4 years now with no issues until recently.


Due to the official Shopify shopping app no longer working we needed to use a new app to create a new feed which generated new SKU numbers, no changes have been made to our products or website, the new feed was uploaded on the 20-Mar-2018.


Looking in our Adwords dashboard I can see during February we have averaged 5030 impressions per day, since the new feed has been used we have averaged 64 impressions per day.

All our products are active, the account and feed status is 'looking good', our daily budget and max CPC are all set higher than usual with the delivery method set as accelerated.

We called and spoke with Google Friday morning to check if there were any issues and they confirmed there were no issues with our feed, obviously this isn't the case as illustrated above.

We're totally lost at which way to move forward with this and we really need to get our advertising back in the position it was previously ASAP.


Any help much appreciated.

Thanks, Nathan 

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Severe impression loss help...

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impressions are determined by winning a slot in the ad-auctions.


winning a slot in the auctions is mainly determined
by both the bid and all the quality related factors.


one major factor with respect to quality is determined by the
long-term performance-history related metrics of the products
and product-groups in the auctions, such as click-through-rates.


google tracks all such historic metrics by an item's id --
items with new id are effectively entirely new items.


if new sku numbers resulted in changing id values of submitted data,
then that most likely resulted in all long-term metrics associated with
the products to be lost -- if so, and nothing else has changed, except
perhaps the competition, then the best likely course would be to raise
the bids for a short time and carefully inspect the results, daily and
weekly, over time.


compare the historic results, when the items were originally added to
the shopping-campaign, to daily and weekly, similar, metrics of items
with new sku/id, to gain some sense of how long similar results will
likely take to achieve; for example, if the original performance results
began to peak after one year, then the new items may take about the
same similar time frame, to accumulate enough performance data, to
begin competing in the auctions, at a comparatively similar level.


a best-practice, is to very closely monitor all metrics -- before, frequently
during and after, any change, to submitted data, the website, or account.


otherwise, the issue is likely competitors --
in which case, consider both raising the bid
and improving quality of the submitted data
and website/business related quality factors.


more fine-grain tuning, related to these factors, may be possible, depending
the details; such as creating product-groups with more items, removing very
poor performing items from the auctions, heavily concentrating on improving
feed and website/business factors, adding negative-words, etc. -- but these
actions are almost always for items that have had no other changes, other
than increased competition, usually not for items that have changed id.


if possible, never, ever, change any id values,
for any physical inventory items -- especially
if those items have any historic track-record
of good performance in the auctions.


otherwise, posting more specific details, here in public, may
allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.


Severe impression loss help...

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Thanks for the reply.


How do we obtain our old product id values so we can change them back to what they were, I presume google has this information, the numbers were initially generated through the Shopify app but this app is no longer available so any info to the feed is not available.

Severe impression loss help...

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first, you're welcome.

unfortunately, google does not retain historical records of all old product id.

google explicitly indicates that the merchant-center should not be treated as
a database of local-storage, or similar, and recommends keeping a local copy.

for feed-files, google has short-term storage of historic files,
that can be downloaded, that contain the old id -- by clicking
the file-uploaded-on-date and download-file, located under the
feed-file processing-tab, by clicking on the primary-feed-name,
under the products-feeds-tab -- but only for the last 10-uploads
and not for any direct api inserts by an app.


generally, new id values should never be used, at least until the current,
existing, items/id are properly analyzed with respect to performance and
any possible impact on changing id values is fully assessed -- or old id
retained/copied; in hindsight, if possible, fetching all the old data, via the
api, before any changes, may have helped in that regard.

currently, the best likely course would be to directly contact shopify
support -- to possibly ask if shopify either keeps such historic, local,
copies of the old data/id, or if the id's may be deduced or recreated,
in some way, from the current set of shopify-related data.

for example, shopify may have a standard
algorithm, used to create each id or sku
value, for each item-offer on the website,

or someone inside shopify may know how

the old app created id from sku.


asking in the shopify forums may also help.


if there are any old items listed in the accounts,

then having one id/sku from the list may be able

to help with deducing how old id's were created.

the current developer of the new app
may also have some insight, related to
sku/id and legacy data, or the old app.


generally, ecommerce-specific issues are

rather outside the scope of google's forum.


see also


Severe impression loss help...

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Shopifies default app created the ids as followed shopify_GB_1231354613_1312354612


Translated in between curly brackets is shopify_{country code}_{parent id}_{variant id}


There are data feed tools that can create feeds using the same ID, alternatively with some hard work, you might be able to extract all the data when you export your shopify data as CSV. It might contain all the data. From there you can than re assemble the product id.


Hope it helps.

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Severe impression loss help...

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Wow Emmanuel, that definitely does help, thank you very much!


I've tested it with 3 products and can now see the history to the products in our merchant centre and adwords accounts.


We're still not really receiving any impressions, the changes to the product id's were only made this morning, will this take 2-3 days to take effect?

Severe impression loss help...

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The damage will most likely already be done, usually it takes between 2 to 3 weeks to stabilize again. Increasing the bid for this period would help allot, if you are able to do this.


Hope it helps.

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