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Serious Google Merchasnt Centre Issue

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I am looking for some help here, either by someone who has been through the same problem or maybe even a google employee.


I have been on google shopping for my website since May 2013.  We have had a couple of issues with data quality etc. leading to a minor suspension but have always resolved the problems quickly and been back online in a timely manner.


This time is very different!


We received a message saying we had breached a policy Account suspended due to violation of feed specification: generic landing pages


The description lead back to google thinking that we were using one single landing page for all of our products.  Clearly, this was not the case and I checked through the entire website and then left this policy violation as there were no problems as far as I could tell.


On 13th October, the feed was suspended for the above policy breach.


I have been in contact with some helpful people in Ireland (back and forth since the 13th October) and it finally turns out that the actual problem was due to the fact that certain geographical locations in the world (Indonesia was one of them) were not able to access the content on the website.  Again they pinpointed a couple of individual products and emailed me a little picture showing an error 403.


"you do not have persmission to access this webpage on this server" and also "Additionally a 403 error was encountered whilst trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request"


With with this in mind I spoke to my hosting provider and they set everything to ensure the website was available to access from every single location in the world.  This was on Friday 21st October.


Today (25th October) the feed is still down and i have received an email stating that the website cannot be accessed from certain Geographical Locations STILL.  I have run various checks (as many as I know to try) such as Geo Peeker and Dot Com Monitor who give me zero errors when testing the website from one of their proxies.


This case has already been escalated to one of the top specialists in India (according to the lady in Ireland) who says that in order to fix the feed I need to do the following



Please identify the root causes for such forbidden pages, and rectify the issues.


  1. a) Allow his website to be accessed globally
  2. b) Allow URLs submitted to Google Shopping to be accessed globally. This can be achieved by including a parameter in URLs in the feed which can be used to exempt those URLs from firewall level blocks.


I genuinely cannot see what the overall problem is but I do know that this policy exists in order to ensure that for instance if you are going on holiday to the USA, you can still order your BBQ in the USA to be delivered back to the UK so its there for when you get home!  I do see the point of this policy but I have been extremely mislead throughout the process and I would have done more to resolve this problem right at the beginning (they warned me on 13th September) if their policy breach email would have actually told me what the breach was rather than give me an incorrect message.


Google I think are tying to be helpful and team in the UK are great but over 10 days on I have still got the same issues and have no shopping results.  I have worked really hard to try and fix the problems but I feel like I am being punished by google.


Can anyone advise if there is something I am missing or even if there is someone I can talk to who can help me.






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Re: Serious Google Merchasnt Centre Issue

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as to the technical issue of the suspension -- as was indicated, the
landing-pages must show identical information for all users, regardless
of where a user is physically located or any other user-identifiable
detail such as user-agent, ip-address, etc.


also, as was indicated, the specific landing-page issue is usually fixed
by using a url-parameter or a separate directory for each target-country
and allowing all google's crawlers to access the landing-pages, at all
times, without automated currency conversion, and always returning
the exact same content for all users.


however, without more exact information, such as an exact url link,
forum-members can mainly offer general suggestions based on the
information posted here in the public forum.


as to the suspension status, some suspensions are simply permanent;
typically, google does not want constant disapproval or suspensions
and then a fix applied -- rather, google is looking for a long-term fix
that can be applied to all items so the issue or issues never reoccur,

or rather, never occur in the first place, or never occur at all.


a best-practice is to review all google's policies and verify that all
submitted data, the entire website, supply-chains, delivery details,
and overall business, meet all google's policies, before beginning
any (shopping) ad -- using a test-feed may help in that regard.


too many or too frequent disapprovals or suspensions can
result in a permanent suspension status -- at any time.


as to google's clarity and overall response, this is mainly a peer-to-peer
community -- google reads posts but tends not to respond to individual,
private, or account-specific issues within the public forum; more direct

feedback may be submitted to google using their official complaint form.


as to lifting the suspension, if the suspension has a path
to reinstatement, the steps involved and contact details

will be within google's email -- simply correct the issues

and reply using the contact information.


if there is no contact information or no steps outlined to reinstate
the account within the suspension email then, a suspension may
be permanent -- in which case, nothing can be done.


otherwise, the best likely course would be to simply recontact

google directly -- asking for a merchant-center shopping-ads

support specialist may sometimes help.


Serious Google Merchasnt Centre Issue

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Did you get this sorted then? Sounds like you're on the correct path. Remove certain IP blocks from your firewall rules, or whatever you're using for security. Your web host / webmaster should be able to help with this.


I had a similar issue. I was blocking countries I didn't sell products to. Made sense, at the time. I also didn't care if someone wanted to buy whilst on holiday either and my campaign was set up for the UK only too. So, why would I care if someone in China couldn't view my site. I was happier blocking attacks and SPAM etc. After all, it my site right?


Yes, yes, policies, policies, I must obey...


Anyway, after all the cryptic messages and stuff, I did get some helpful advice from Google, after calling on the phone. It came down to using a site such as this . Once I could view my site on a site such as this, all was well and the suspension bat was returned it's box, for another day.


Not sure that helps, but, good luck matey.



Serious Google Merchasnt Centre Issue

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sorry for the delay.  Yes eventually it all got sorted.


It was down to the firewall on the web server blocking some IP addresses I suspect, although my hosting provider disputes this.


Thanks for your reply.