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Semiconductor products for which no GTIN exists?

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I can't submit Motorola, RCA and Samsung semiconductor devices - the brands are flagged as brands requiring a GTIN.   For each, the following is a problem:


Motorola made transistors from the late 1950s to 2000, when they became ONSemi.  I cannot brand Motorola transistors as OnSemi, nor can I list them, as Motorola is a brand for which GTINs must be included in the feed.  Transistors and other industrial electronic components are never assigned a UPC or other identifier - just a part number, which is what the customer is searching for - brand is important - but the part number is the key.


RCA, like Motorola, made transistors and other devices, got absorbed by GE, sold to Harris, and became part of Intersil - and never produced a single UPC or other identifier other than a part number.


Samsung makes transistors, modules, and other industrial devices, and doesn't have UPC coding, nor any other identifier. 


All three are on the list of companies for which a GTIN MUST exist, else feed disapproved and account suspended. 


Google - before UPC codes, there was global trade, all built on part numbers.  That trade is vibrant today, but limited and obfuscated by these arcane rules that take a new-never-used 1969 transistor, and make it all but impossible to list in a product feed.


How should I proceed?

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Re: Semiconductor products for which no GTIN exists?

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for those specific use-cases, simply submit a condition
value of used with an identifier_exists value of FALSE then,
do not submit any global-trade-data -- do not submit any
gtin, mpn, or brand values -- whatsoever, for such items --
either leave the values empty for a tab-delimited feed or, do
not submit the attribute (element) tags at all for an xml feed.

then, the part-number and other such details may
be submitted within the title or description, or both,
and will be indexed for search.


otherwise, global-trade-data is required (only) for
new products that are on the designated-brands list.


google only wants global-trade-data that exists and is valid.

otherwise, such items cannot be submitted as product-listing-ads --
however, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats that are
available and might be a better fit for advertising such items.


that said, before making any changes, a merchant-center

product-listing-ads specialist may be contacted directly.