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Hi there,


we contacted Google Adwords over the same issue. All our Gtins etc are being submitted correctly. 


We are reporting Google Adwords Australia for deceptive conduct. 


They advised us to increase our bids so we show as a seller. There is no where on Google advertising information where I can see this is bid related.


secondly, and perhaps most importantly when I look up some of our brands which no other Australian retail seller has, two sellers from the US market appear, yet we are still not showing. 


Since we advertise in Australia, on Google adwords Australia, we should not have to out bid an international seller in our own country.


screams fraud and deceptive conduct

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Seller list on the left hand side is based on popularity, not on GTIN's, so if a lot of your products are clicked on for these specific search topics or terms, then your name will show in the left hand. There is also a historic ranking that plays a roll.


So essentially yes, if you increase your bidding and your products are clicked on, over time you will see your name there. 


Please note this is something Google does not publicly explain. Pretty much 100% of cases where Google does not explain how to achieve something is to avoid merchants abusing the advertising platform. If everyone knew what to do 100% of the time then you will end up in the same situation where you can't compete. 


Hope this helps.


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Google allows advertisers to advertise internationally. In Shopping, if they deliver to Australia, they can advertise products. This is no different to eBay and other platforms. I find it odd that this surprises you (I am in Australia). 


Use AdWords data to tell if your ads are showing. Because you don't see them doesn't mean that others don't. According to a AdWords specialist at a conference recently, 75% of Shopping ads products never see a single impression ever, although it is usually to do with them being out of stock, disapproved or other feed issues. But if your feed is OK, your options are to make a better title for the product and increase your bids.


Bids are a factor. They are the basis of AdWords and you can change bids in Shopping campaigns. If they were not a factor, they wouldn't be there. However, by the end of the year expect that Shopping campaigns will be virtually 100% automated, and all you can do is change your feed and budget.


Google's advice is normally to increase bids / increase budgets / increase targeting. Use your own judgement, because it is essentially a self-service product.