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Selected Feed for Dynamic Display Ads

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I would like to setup dynamic ad for my e-commerce site. I have setup the remarketing tag in my website and new feed in my GMC. 


My current GMC account have 4 feeds. 3 are meant for PLAs (based on country with designated currency) and 1 meant for Dynamic Ad. However, when I tried to setup the campaign and image ad in AdWords, it seems like the image ad has detected other feeds instead of the one I created for Dynamic ad. 


May I know how can I choose the selected feed in GMC to be displayed in my Dynamic Ad?

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Re: Selected Feed for Dynamic Display Ads

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simply use submitted (feed) attributes, or (feed) attributes
with a campaign inventory-filter, to isolate a subset of items.

for example, google_product_category, product_type, brand,
and the custom_label_ attributes are typically used with a
campaign's inventory-filter; in addition, attributes such as
excluded_destination and display_ads_id may also help

with isolating subsets of submitted items.

all submitted-data is funneled into
the linked-account, regardless of
how the data is submitted -- there
is no such concept as choosing
any specific feed.

a single feed can handle about 100,000 inventory items;
normally, there is little need to have more than one feed --
more than one feed can sometimes complicate updates
and syncing with a site's landing-page displayed data,
which always must be in sync with all submitted data.

see also

Re: Selected Feed for Dynamic Display Ads

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Hi Mervin,
Are you experiencing this when you create a Dynamic Remarketing campaign? Please let us know if you still have this issue.

Re: Selected Feed for Dynamic Display Ads

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Hi Mervin,
For the countries where shopping ads (PLA) is launched you have to respect the country specific policies. Every country has its own set of required parameters. Country specific requirements are listed here: - choose your country and the page will list the attributes.

For countries where PLS isn't launched, the following attributes should be in the feed:
IMAGE_LINK for Categories other than Books