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Seems wait period is faster when items are already crawled?

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 So i don't like the initial 48 to 72 hour wait period when uploading products but when i deleted the google sheets and then merged to excel file and uploaded it as .csv i thought i had to wait another 48 to 72 hours. But it turned out much quicker. Is this due to the fact the items were already crawled?

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Seems wait period is faster when items are already crawled?

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likely yes.

generally, google's full policy checks include checking all data submitted,
the business, business-model, type of products, crawling the website,
landing-pages, images, e-commerce checkout-flows, etc.; google does
not check for all potential policy issues for all items, nor all the time.

status is tracked mainly by id -- inventory sku.

if items had been previously checked, the website crawled, and the
business and supply-chains inspected, then simply resubmitting
the items will usually not trigger the same rigorous policy checks --
regardless of how physical inventory item details were submitted.

any significant change may trigger a re-review by google --
simply changing the submit-method is not necessarily a
significant change, depending on the details and especially

if id are not changed.


note that google may reinspect submitted data, images, landing-pages,
the entire website, e-commerce checkout-flows, the type of products
being sold, supply-chains, business details, related feedback from
customers, how the products or business is being represented to the
public over time, and any related websites or accounts, at any time --

for any reason, or for no reason.