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Search by description

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For our type of product it's crucial that it can be found by description ... which sometimes seems to work and sometimes doesn't.


Both of these products are marked as possible to be found in the administration (don't know how it's called in English UI)


Example - successful (eshop Techtek ... at the bottom)


Example - not found (Techtek)...

...even though it's clearly in the description too:


Is this something we can influence / fix? How?

Thank you!

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Re: Search by description

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results within the auctions are determined
by both the bid and many quality factors.

possible-to-be-found (searchable), simply indicates
that the item is eligible for the auctions -- not that
the item will always win in the auctions.

an item must have both enough bid and enough
quality to win a slot in the auctions to be seen.

quality is mainly determine by all attributes
submitted -- not just a title and description;
although both are certainly important.

generally, be certain to remove any information that is
not relevant to the physical item and add information
that is relevant to the physical item.

however, there is currently no way to force
the description attribute to be used alone,
with respect to quality and relevancy.

another possibility is to raise the bid
for those specific product-groups.

importantly, searching for your own items within
the auctions can eventually remove the items from
those auctions if there are no positive actions --

in that case, the items may never be seen or

never seen for those search-terms.


the best way to determine if the items can be seen
is via the (impression) statistics within the account --

not via direct searches.

what is seen by one person is not necessarily
what is seen by others -- the auction results
can vary from person to person -- even given
the same search-terms.

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Re: Search by description

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Highly converting search terms that describe the product should be used in the title.

A product with allot of description vs a product with low description will have little effect to ranking, or search results. The key ranking factor for the data feed itself is the title.

I suggest you focus on writing highly relevant keywords in the title. Do note to avoid any stuffing and the other usual bad habits. A good technique is to simply describe the product in the title within 70 characters.

The reason I say to focus on title is that customer on Google shopping do not tend to convert well with diluted search terms. Highly on topic or branded search terms yields the highest conversions and thus a higher ROI.

And there is of course competition and your max cpc that plays a huge role in position.

Your target for search imp lost should hover around 10% when first the data feed is optimized and two the search terms have been managed.
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