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Search Lost IS (rank) is close to 76%. How can I fix it?

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Running a shopping campaign and I'm unsure how I can target the Search Lost IS (Rank). Any input thanks

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Re: Search Lost IS (rank) is close to 76%. How can I fix it?

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generally, for product-listing-ads, there are (only) two ways to
help improve impression share -- either (1) increase the bid or
(2) improve quality over time.

results in the auctions are determined by the bid and many quality factors.


be certain that the budget can accommodate the assigned bids.

low-impression share for rank typically indicates that the
(feed) data being submitted are mostly irrelevant with
respect to searches and therefore very low quality --
or are simply poor quality with respect to the policies,
rules, guidelines, and published recommendations.

for quality, measure first, study the recommendations, improve the feed.

for quality, start by investigating the search-terms that are triggering ads;
then, consider improving the submitted (feed) data by following more of the
published guidelines and recommendations for all attributes submitted and
by aligning all the data submitted more closely with the physical item or how
the physical item might be used -- so that the search-terms are more relevant.

for example, if a red-wagon is the item only submit data and values that
are related directly to the red-wagon -- for example, a color attribute
with a value of red or a title and description that names and describes
that specific red-wagon, without any irrelevant information.

for example, be certain google_product_category and product_type
attributes are exact with recommended > category separators and
have highly relevant values with respect to the physical item.

be certain all values submitted are accurate, relevant, and valid.

importantly perhaps, inaccurate, irrelevant, invalid, or overly
generalized values can hurt quality; such values should either
be improved or removed, depending on the attribute.


also, consider external factors such as ratings

and reviews to potentially help improve quality.


as a slight aside, product-listing-ads cover the entire target-country --
however, for certain very niche items the entire country may not be
able to purchase or rather, less inclined to purchase, such items,
at all or during seasonal time frames -- if so, consider separating
and adjusting when or where such items participate in the auctions.

if quality cannot be improved or the bid increased, at some point, consider
removing poorly performing items from the auctions or the feed altogether.

see also