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Same product with different packaging options and same description

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Our client's product feed has a lot of items that are available in two different packaging options, one comes as a box and the other option is a roll. So the feed is currently set up with a parent child sku relationship. Both of these items currently have the same description that appears to be causing Google to return an error and not list the products in the feed. I'm hoping adding an additional variant to the feed will solve this issue, but I'm not sure which variant is the correct one because the different packaging isn't necessarily a size. Any idea on what to include in the feed to solve this? Another idea is to pull in "roll" or "box" into the description but this would have to be done only within the feed and not the actual product page onsite that the current feed is pulled from. Is this also an option that would fix this issue?


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Re: Same product with different packaging options and same description

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if the box or roll is simply a packaging option, for example, the user
would not notice any difference once the product is in use -- there
is only one, single, physical, in stock, inventory item being sold,
only one, single, item would be allowed by the policies -- regardless
of any title, or description, or how the product is packaged and is

otherwise grounds for disapproval, or a suspension, at any time.

if the actual, physical, in stock, inventory item-offer is a different product --
that is, each physical product would be visibly different when used, or has a
separate gtin assigned by the manufacturer, as examples -- then, the best
likely course would be to change the titles and descriptions on the website,

for both the items, submit two separate link urls, each selecting the exact

item-offer, with no user-selection required by the user -- then submit both

the item_group_id  attribute with identical values and the size attribute, as

the required, variant-attribute, for items in each variant-group; google is

somewhat forgiving with respect to a size value, if the value represents

only one, single, physical inventory item-offer; e.g.
48 in x 3 ft
24 in x 1 ft x 8 ft

note that different image_link url's would also be required --

showing the specific product that is being sold and shipped.

alternatively, submit only one of the inventory items, not both.

otherwise, some items are simply not a good fit for shopping-ads --
consider using other campaign-types and ad-formats for advertising.

posting, here in public, the specific url link, to
the exact inventory items, may allow others

to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, google may be contacted.