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Same Description for a product, targeted in multiple locations

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I am experimenting with adwords PLA's and just wanted to ask a question.


I created a feed, with a single product (T-Shirt) available in 10 countries. I assigned the currency, size, price to match with the landing page for each country. I also set a different id per item. Everything seems to working properly. Title is the same for all listings.


My questions is, What about the Description? Can i have the same description for each product targeted in different locations?



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Same Description for a product, targeted in multiple locations

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that is not allowed and grounds for dispproival

or suspension from the program, at any time.


the language of the targeted-country must match --

and google requires a human-translation -- either on

the landing-page per target-country with a separate

primary-feed, or within a separate supplemental-feed,

per google-automated-currency-conversion and the

same primary-feed.


if google-currency-conversion is used then the supplemental-feed

must translate (via a human) all indexed data -- including title and

description -- or the entire landing-page with a primary-feed must

be human-translated if the price is fixed for the target-country.


as an aside, google also does not allow any

automated-currency-coversion by merchants.


Same Description for a product, targeted in multiple locations

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What is not allowed and grounds for disapproval at any time, exactly? 


If the language of the targeted country do not match the language of the landing page then they will disapprove the product right?


Moreover, what do you mean that it does not allow automated currency conversion by merchants? How will i do it then?


Thank you in advance.




Re: Same Description for a product, targeted in multiple locations

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first, you're welcome.

a language that is supported by google for the target-country is required:
all data submitted and on the landing-page must be human-translated.

for language, google requires one of the following:

either (a) a separate primary-feed per supported language --
if the primary-feed language matches the landing-page language;

or (b) a separate supplemental-feed per supported language,
if the google-currency-conversion feature is used, and the
multi-country-feed language does not match the landing-page.

for currency, google requires one of the following:

either (a) a fixed price and fixed currency on the landing-page --
using a separate primary-feed per target-country and currency.

or (b) the google-currency-conversion feature, automated by google,
is enabled via the primary-feed's multi-country-feed settings.

the merchant cannot use automated-currency-conversion on the landing-page.

currently, to turn-on google's currency-conversion-feature,
a multi-country-feed must be added, per supported country,
under the primary-feed, by using the primary-data-feed's
target-country settings.

if the landing-page-language does not match google's supported-language for
the country that the currency is being converted to, then a supplemental-feed
must also be created and submitted, per-target-country -- that contains the
human-translation of the primary-feed-data (title, description, etc.)

also, if shipping for the multi-country-feed's target-country is not
set in the account, then the country's shipping details must also

be submitted within the supplemental-feed.

then, each supplmental-feed will be automatically added as a feed-rule;
google will then automatically convert the currency and an item will be
added per converted country, within the products-feeds-tab.

note that there is no real data in a multi-country (currency-conversion) feed;
rather, the data is generated automatically, by google, from a combination
of the primary-feed data, the automated currency-conversion by google, and
the supplemental-feed/feed-rule containing the human-language-translation
of the primary-feed data.

this method tends to have limited performance over time --
since the shopping-ad (price, currency, and langage) shown
for other target-countries will not match the landing-page.

importantly, regardless of which option is chosen -- the landing-page details
must be identical for all users, regardless of where the user is physically
located and regardless of user-specific details, such as browser, user-agent,
device, ip-address, etc.

see also